• CHS Building Central Hindu Girls School (CHGS), an integral part of BHU, is one of the oldest premier institutions of girl's education in the city.
  • It epitomizes the exalted vision and ideas of its founder Mrs. Annie Besant since its inception in 1904, as Kanya Vidyalaya.
  • Set in the heart of the city, spread over a sprawling and beautiful campus, the institution is religiously performing its duty of synthesizing the ideals of Mahamana and Mrs. Annie Besant of providing qualitative girl's education as well as preserving and spreading national culture and heritage
  • As they believe in "Golden study in a muddy house is better than a muddy study in a golden house" alike we are having standard education,
  • but with the best infrastructure. For the past over 100 years the schools has been imbibing deep rooted values for individualistic growth of children to prepare them to be democratic, responsible, dutiful and honest citizens.
  • The school is presently imparting the education from Nursery classes to the Higher Secondary classes
  • Our college is having two campuses. Nursery and Primary Section is held in the campus of Kolhua & Secondary and Higher Secondary classes are held in campus of Kamachha Varanasi.


Name Qualification Designation Mobile No. /Phone No.
Mrs. Atiya Wahid B.Sc., B.Ed. PRT 9208334396
Mrs.Pratima Pathak M.A., B.Ed. PRT 9838182146
Mrs.Indu Bala Srivastava B.Sc.,M.A. PRT 9335233939
Mrs.Sandhya Singh M.A., B.Ed. PRT 8004234946
Mrs.Uma Devi M.A., M.Ed. PRT 9936845354
Mrs.Asha Singh B.Sc., B.Ed. PRT 9559116024
Mrs.Reena Singh M.A.,Ph.D. PRT 98809098908
Mrs.Kunjlata M.Sc.,M.A., B.Ed. PRT 0542-2575339
Mrs.Manisha Tripathi M.Sc., B.Ed. PRT 9452567500
Miss.Kirti Pratibha Toppo M.Com., M.Ed. PRT 9415993855
Mrs.Richa Gupta M.Sc.,M.A., B.Ed. PRT 9473966898
Mrs.Sudha Pandey M.A., B.Ed. PRT 9565569599
Mrs.Neha Acharya M.A., B.Ed.,Ph.D. PRT 7860722841
Mrs.Nimmi Singh M.A., B.Ed. PRT 7376267048
Mr. Dinesh Chandra Yadav M.F.A., NET TGT (Painting) 9415812650
Mrs. Anjana M.Sc.,B.Ed. PGT (Biology) 9454352231
Dr. Manisha Mishra M.Sc.,B.Ed., Ph.D. PGT (Biology) 7860675168
Dr. Madhu Singh M.Sc.,B.Ed.,M.Ed., Ph.D. TGT (Biology) 9450530813
Mrs. Manju Gautam M.Sc.,B.Ed. TGT (Biology) 9919429620
Mrs. Sunita Sharma M.Sc.,B.Ed. PGT (Chemistry) 9889708763
Dr. Sunita Verma M.Sc.,Ph.D. PGT (Chemistry) 9453885363
Mr. Pankaj Gupta M.Com.,B.Ed. PGT (Commerce) 9984355047
Sri. Akhilesh Bhatia M.Com.,B.Ed. PGT (Commerce) 9450180618
Dr.Sandhya Gupta M.A.,B.Ed.,M.Ed., Ph.D. TGT (Dance) 9336277009
Dr. Subhra Singh M.A.,B.Ed., Ph.D. PGT (Economics) 0542-2317176
Mrs. Shalini Mehrotra M.A., B.Ed. PGT (English) 0542-2364070
Mrs. Pooja Singh M.A., B.Ed. PGT (English) 9451372716
Mrs. Bharti Krishna M.A., B.Ed. PGT (English) 9839877904
Mrs. Shachi Srivastava M.A., B.Ed. TGT (English) 9453640730
Ms. Shreya KashyapM.A., B.Ed. TGT (English) 9616910299
Mrs. Rashmi M.A.,B.Ed., Ph.D. TGT (Geography) 9454061977
Dr. Anita Yadav M.A.,B.Ed., Ph.D., D.Y., DNHE, Red-Cross Lecturer,PGT (Hindi) 9838289393
Mrs. Usha Sinha M.A., B.Ed. TGT (Hindi) 9415812298
Ms. Vijay Kirti M.A. ,Ph.D. PGT (History) 0542-2316030
Mrs. Rani Barman M.A., B.Ed. PGT (History) 9415812772
Dr. Ajay Kumar M.Sc.,B.Ed., Ph.D. PGT (Mathematics) 9452001459
Mrs. Abha Agarwal M.Sc.,B.Ed. PGT (Mathematics) 9335005987
Mrs.Anshula Saxena M.Sc.,B.Ed. TGT (Mathematics) 9198128359
Mrs. Neeti Patel M.Sc.,B.Ed. TGT (Mathematics) 9415190828
Mr. Siddarath Chowdhury M.Mus. PGT (Music) 9454735749
Mrs. Chanda Rani M.Mus. PGT (Music) 9450788523
Mrs. Kaberi Bhaduri B.A.Mus. TGT (Music) 9839738992
Mrs. Sharmee Agarwal M.A.TGT (Music) 9335485248
Mrs.Rashi Khare M.A., B.Ed. TGT (Music) 9450533020
Mrs. Anita Kumari Singh M.P.Ed. TGT (Physical Education) 9415393557
Mr. Anil Kumar M.Sc.,B.Ed., NET Sr. PGT (Physics) 9838188915
Mrs. Meera Padey M.Sc.,B.Ed. TGT (Physics)
Mrs. Poonam Singh M.A., B.Ed. PGT (Pol.Sc.) 9451887466
Dr. Chanchal Kumari M.A.,B.Ed., Ph.D. PGT (Psychology) 9415819064
Dr. Smita Bhatnagar M.A.,B.Ed., Ph.D. PGT (Sanskrit) 9336932221
Mrs.Deepika Rai M.A.,B.Ed., Ph.D. TGT (Sanskrit) 72775899270
Mrs. SunayanaSingh M.A., B.Ed. TGT (Social Science) 9451324006
Dr. Kahkashan Aftab M.A.,B.Ed., Ph.D. TGT (Urdu)