With the above background, the BhÂrata Adhyayana Kendra shall have following objectives:

1. To explore and research the rich indigenous intellectual heritage for holistic understanding of Indian Civilization and to conduct interdisciplinary research in philosophy, language, literature, culture, art, aesthetics, history & science.

2. To bring together Sanskrit scholars who evince a great deal of interest into literary cultural heritage of BhÂrata, and modern scholars and scientists interested in Vedic knowledge, for coordinated synthesis of modern knowledge with the Vedic knowledge.

3. To promote the rational scientific outlook and relevance of Vedic seers and scholars towards various burning issues concerning humanity at large and to resurrect the lost faith in our heritage; one of the aims is to generate appreciation and pride for the nation, particularly among the youth.

4. To collect Sanskrit, Pali and Prakrit and other Indian language manuscripts of importance for digitization, documentation and further study, translation, research, edit and publication.

5. To look for references in Vedic literature on subjects familiar in Lokavidy (subjects that pertain to emotions, beliefs, faith practice of art forms and science preserved in oral traditions, etc).

6. To project relevance of Indian knowledge and wisdom for the benefit of mankind.


Bharat Adhyanana Kendra
Abhinav Bhawan, 1st Floor, Faculty of Arts
Banaras Hindu University
Varanasi (UP) - 221005