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The BHU Library system, the largest University Library System in the country, germinated from collection donated by Prof. P.K. Telang in 1917 at Central Hindu College, Kamachha, shifted in 1921 to the Central Hall of the Arts College (now Faculty of Arts) and then in 1941 to its present majestic building built with the munificent donation from Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad of Baroda.The founder librarian was renowned historian Sir Jadunath Sarkar.
Presently the Banaras Hindu University Library System consists of Central Library at apex and 3 Institute Libraries, 8 Faculty Libraries, 25 Departmental Libraries, with a total collection of over 13 lakh volumes to serve the students, faculty members, researchers, technical staff of fourteen faculties consisting of 126 subject departments of the university.
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