List of Recent Doctoral Dissertations

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Status of Small Scale Entrepreneurs in India: A Study of Marginalized Section in Uttar Pradesh. Ms. Anjana Singh Prof. Radha Krishna Lodhwal Full Time
Employee Attrition: A Study of Indian Retail Industry Ms. Priyanka Prof. Sujit Kumar Dubey Full Time
Study of Stress and its Management Intervention through Yoga Nidra Mr. Manish Kumar Dwivedi Prof. S.K. Singh Full Time
Financial literacy and its impact on Investment Behaviour of Women Ms. Chetna Singh Prof. Raj Kumar Full time
A study of Nationality Bias on Brand Perception and Social Status in an Emerging Market: A case of India Mr. Sandeep Kumar Dr. Amit Gautam Full time
A Study of Consumer Attitudes and behavioural Intentions for Food Products Mr. Madan Lal Completed (D.Litt.)
Impact Analysis of China Origin Products on Consumer Behavior Mr. Om Jee Gupta Dr. Anurag Singh Full Time
A Study of Human Resource Acquisition, Maintenance, Development at the Central University: A Case of BHU. Mr. Rabi Kumar Prof. Radha Krishna Lodhwal Full time
Handicraft Sector of India: An Analytical Study Mr. P.V. Rajeev Completed (D.Litt.)
Six Sigma tools: Analytical Application in the Manufacturing Sector Mr. Mrigendra Nath Mishra Prof. Abhijeet Singh Full Time
The Impact of Employee engagement on Attrition in Banking Sector Ms. Shruti Singh Prof. Rekha Prasad Full Time
Banking Working Appraisal of Selected Commercial Banks in India Mr. Amit Pandey Prof. Raj Kumar Working appraisal, Commercial Banks Part Time
CRM Relationshp between Service Quality and Consumer Imagery : A Case Study of Select Sector(s) Mr. Yogesh Singh Dr. Ashish Bajpai Service Quality, Consumer Imagery, Relationship Full Time
CSR Corporate Initiatives in Improving Human Life - A Case Study of Navaratnas Mr. Anil Kumar Tiwari Prof. S.K. Singh Corporate Initiatives, Human Life, Navratnas Completed
CSR Corporate Environmental Accountability: A Case Study of Coal India Limited Ms. Kanchan Lata Tripathi Prof. Rekha Prasad Environmental Accountability, Coal India Full Time
Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship in Ethnic Youth: A Study of selected Indian States. Mr. Onkar Nath Mishra Prof. P.S. Tripathi Entrepreneurship, Ethnic Youth, Indian States Full Time
Finance Foreign Direct Investment in select sectors: Implications for Policy Making in India. Ms. Ruby Singh Dr. Amit Gautam FDI, Policy Making Full Time
Finance A Study Liquidity And Yield Spreads Of Indian Corporate Debt Market Mr. Ajeet Kumar Maurya Prof. Raj Kumar Corporate Debt Market Full Time
Finance Mergers & Acquisitions in Indian Banking Sector Mr. Rohan Rai Prof. H.P. Mathur Mergers & Acquisitions, Banking Completed
Finance Budgetary System in Central Universities Mr. K.P.Upadhyay Prof. C. Lal Budgetary System Completed
Finance Management of Maintenance Fund in Indian Central Universities Mr. S.P.Mathur Prof. C. Lal Maintenance Fund, Completed
Finance Islamic Banking in India in Present Banking Scenario : Potential and Problems Ahead. Mr. Irfan Ahmad Khan Prof. H.P. Mathur Islamic Banking Part Time
Finance Value Creation through Mergers and Acquisitions in Indian Banking Industry - A Case Study Mr. Ankit Singh Dr. Shashi Srivastava Mergers & Acquisition, Banking, Case Study Full Time
Finance Value Chain Analysis of Medium and Large Enterprises Ms. Yashmita Awasthi Prof. H.P. Mathur Value Chain, Medium & Large Enterprises Full Time
Finance A Study of Financially re-engineered products in India Ms. Swati Singh Dr. P.V. Rajeev Financially Reengineed Products Completed
Finance Financial Inclusion and Sustainable Development of Rural Masses through SGSY Scheme: A Case Study of Mirzapur District Mr. Apurba Mukherjee Prof. Raj Kumar Financial Inclusion, SGSY Completed
Finance A Study of Corporate Debt Restructuring in India Ms. Deepika Kaur Dr. Shashi Srivastava Corporate Debt Restructuring Full Time
Finance Role of Information Technology in Financial Inclusion Ms. Laxmi Pandey Dr. P.V. Rajeev IT, Financial Inclusion Part Time
Finance Corporate Dividend Policy in India Mr. Pawan Kumar Jha Prof. Raj Kumar Corporate Dividend Policy Completed
Finance Policies and Practices of Micro Finance Institutions with Special Reference to Client Education Ms. Vinita Kalra Prof. H.P. Mathur MFI, Eastern UP Completed
Finance A Study of Financial derivatives on the growth in micro small and medium enterprises in India Mr. Ram Mohan Mishra Dr. P.V. Rajeev Derivatives, MSMEs Completed
Finance A Study of Commodity Derivatives Market in India Mr. P.V.Rajeev Prof. H.P. Mathur Commodity Derivatives Completed
Finance Derivatives in Risk Management - A Comparative Study of Selected Indian and Foreign Banks Mr. Vinod Dikshit Prof. P.S. Tripathi Derivatives, Risk, Banks Completed
Finance Role of Micro-financial Institutions in Upliftment of Rural Masses - A Case Study of Mirzapur District Mr. Drigvindu Mani Singh Prof. Raj Kumar MFIs, Mirzapur Part Time
Finance A Study of Investment Decision Process in Indian Stock Market Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Prof. H.P. Mathur Investment Decision, Indian Stock Market Part Time
Finance A Study of Foreign Exchange Variability and its Impact on Developing Economies Ms. Shailaja Singh Prof. H.P. Mathur Foreign Exchange Variability, Developing Economies Part Time
Finance Efficacy of CDR System in Managing the Stressed Asstets in India Mr. Ashok Kumar Gupta Prof. P.S. Tripathi CDR, Stressed Assets Completed
Finance A Critical Study of Alternate Sources of Project Fiancing in NTPC in Emerging Global scenario. Mr. Atul Prasad Prof. P.S. Tripathi NTPC, Project Finance Completed
Finance Empirical Testing of Capital Market Efficiency: Evidence from Indian Markets Ms. Shraddha Mishra Prof. Raj Kumar Capital Market Efficiency, Indian Market Full Time
Finance Value Chain Analysis of Micro and Small Enterprises Ms. Swati Srivastava Prof. H.P. Mathur Value Chain, Micro and Small Enterprises Completed
Finance A Critical Analysis of Indirect Tax Reforms on Oil Sector in India - A Case Study of ONGC Mr. Amarjeet Singh Yadav Prof. P.S. Tripathi Indirect Tax Reforms, ONGC Part Time
Finance Equity Derivatives Market in India: An analytical Study. Ms. Shachi Srivastava Dr. P.V. Rajeev Derivative Market Completed
Finance Chit Fund Organization in UP Mr. V.S. Srivastava Prof. C. Lal Chit Fund, UP Completed
Finance Critical Analysis of Corporate Financial Reporting: A Case Study Ms. Saumya Singh Prof. Raj Kumar Financial Reporting, Public Sector Full Time
Finance A Study of Credit and Interest Rate Derivatives in Indian Banking Industry. Ms. Divya Srivastava Dr. Shashi Srivastava Derivatives, Banking Completed
General Management Impact of Trade Liberalisation on Small and Medium Enterprises in India : A case study Carpet Industry Mr. M. Rashid Malik Prof. Rekha Prasad Trade Liberalization, Carpet Industry Completed
General Management A Study of motivators and Constraining Factors in Women Entrepreneurship Development. Ms. Monica Srivastava Prof. Usha Kiran Rai Women Entrepreneurship Completed
General Management Impact of CSR Practices on perceived firm performance. A study of selective firms in Indian supervision Ms. Sweta Singh Dr. Radha Krishna Lodhwal CSR Completed
General Management Consultancy Services for Small Scale Industries in India Mr. R.C.Rai Prof. R.M. Srivastava Consultancy Completed
General Management Sustainable Business Model in the Energy Sector - Competing through Improved Transportation Models in the Oil and Gas Sector Mr. Indrajeet Majumdar Dr. P.V. Rajeev Business Model, Energy Sector, Transportation Models, Oil & Gas Sector Part Time
General Management Policies & Practices of Public Sec.Commercial Banks Mr. H.P.Mathur Prof. R.M. Srivastava Commercial Banks Completed
General Management Women Entrepreneurship with special reference to Self Help Groups in Varanasi District Ms. Sofia Khan Prof. H.P. Mathur MSME, Women entrepreneurship, Eastern UP Completed
General Management Communication Strategy and Organizational Productivity : A Case Study of Steel Authority of India Ltd. (SAIL) Mr. Shoeb. S. Ahmed Prof. R.K. Pandey Communication Strategy, Organizational Productivitiy, SAIL Completed
General Management Staff Council in Indian Railways, DLW - A Case Study Mr. Ashish Kumar Agarwal Prof. S.K. Singh Staff Council, DLW, Indian Railways Completed
General Management CSR Initiative of NTPC: Vision and Impacts Mr. N. Madhusudhan Prof. P.S. Tripathi CSR, NTPC Part Time
General Management A Study of MSME Paint Companies in Hyderabad Mr. E. Jnana Dev Prof. S.K. Singh MSME, Paint Part Time
General Management Management of the One Tambon One Product (OTOP) in Thailand. Mr. Phra Sombat Kanbute Dr. N.B. Singh OTOP Completed
General Management Quality of Education in Universities (Management Departments) in UP Mr. Vivek Srivastava Dr. Alok Kumar Rai Education, UP, Universities Part Time
General Management Corporate citizenship in India: An Assessment of selected Enterprises. Mr. R.K.Lodhwal Prof. Rekha Prasad Corporate citizenship Completed
HRM Impact of participative Management on productivity - A comparative study of Public and Private sector banks Ms. Anchal Pathak Prof. S.K. Singh Participative Management Completed
HRM HR Practices in Govt. organizations-A case study of PWD(UP). Ms. Neha Kushwaha Dr. Radha Krishna Lodhwal HR Practices, Government Organizations, PWD(UP) Completed
HRM Comparative Analysis of Employees Satisfaction in different Companies of Insurance Sector Ms. Priyanka Srivastava Prof. Rekha Prasad Insurance, Employees Satisfaction Completed
HRM Performance Appraisal Practices in Banking Sector: An Employees' Perspective Ms. Pallavee Shrivastava Prof. Usha Kiran Rai Performance Appraisal, Banking Sector Completed
HRM Designing Preventing Maintenance Model for Manpower Planning Mr. P.N.Singh Prof. S.K. Singh Manpower Planning, Model Completed
HRM Impact of Conflict on Decision Making and Effectiveness of Workgroup : In Context to Indian Banking Industry Ms. Superna Pandey Dr. Anindita Chakraborty Conflict, Decision Making, Effectiveness of Workgroup, Indian Banking Industry Full Time
HRM Rising Urbanization and Institutional Changes : A Case Study of Jaipur, Rajasthan Ms. Ratna Shaikya Dr. Radha Krishna Lodhwal Urbanization, Institutional Changes, Jaipur Full Time
HRM Influence of Work Personality on Organizational Team Performance Ms. Kriti Pandeya Dr. Ashish Bajpai Personality & Job Satisfaction; Job Characteristc Full Time
HRM Policies & Practices of Human Res.Management in Indian Coal Industry Ms. Sheela Singh Prof. S.K. Singh Coal Industry Completed
HRM Relational Impact Study of Employee Satisfaction on Customer Satisfaction in Banking Industry. Ms. Vandana Pareek Dr. Alok Kumar Rai Employees Satisfaction, Banking Completed
HRM Impact of Stress on the Work Performance of Employees Government Mental Hospitals. A case study of Uttar Pradesh Ms. Priyanka Dr. Radha Krishna Lodhwal Stress, Work Performance, Government Mental Hospitals Full Time
HRM A Study of organizational Commitment of Employees in Relation to Job Satisfaction, Job Involvement & Motivation. Mr. Vivek Tiwari Prof. S.K. Singh Job Satisfaction, Job Involvement & Motivation Completed
HRM Assessment centre as Methodology for Training Need Analysis Mr. P.K. Banerjee Prof. R.K. Pandey Assessment centre ,Training Completed
HRM Wage Incentives in Public Sector Enterprises Mr. A.P.Mishra Prof. A.K. Shah Wage Incentives Completed
HRM Problems and Prospects of Lower Strata Employees of Government Institutions in India : A Case Stuidy Mr. Gopalakrishnan P. Dr. P.V. Rajeev Lower Strata Employees, Govt. Institutions Part Time
HRM Efficacy of Training Programs in Government Enterprises: A case study of Diesel Locomotive Works,Varanasi. Ms. Manpreet Kaur Prof. P.S. Tripathi Training, DLW Completed
HRM A Study of HR Practices in Indian Retail Industry. Ms. Mitushi Singh Dr. Sujit Kumar Dubey Retail Industry Completed
HRM Human Resource Management: Training and Development Practices, Problems and Prospects in Centers of Higher Education: A Case Study of BHU Mr. Rajan Srivastava Prof. Rekha Prasad Training and Development, Higher Education Part Time
International Business Competitiveness of Indian Textile Industry in the Post MFA Regime: An Assessment of Apparel Export Sector. Mr. Sujit Ranjan Prasad Dr. Ashish Bajpai Indian Textile, MFA, Export Completed
International Business Impact of Structural Changes of Foreign Trade of Indian Textile Industry Ms. Priyanka Singh Dr. Madan Lal Foreign Trade, Textile Industry Completed
International Business Role of Exim Bank in promoting Export from India Mr. Alok Shukla Prof. H.C. Chaudhary EXIM Bank, Export Completed
International Business An Analysis of Production and Export Performance of Fresh and Processed Fruits and Vegetables in India Mr. Govind Kumar Dr. Madan Lal Foreign Trade, F&V Completed
International Business Developing Marketing Strategy for Tapping Non-Traditional Export Market with Special Reference to Japan: A Study of Indian Garments Industry Mr. Animesh Saxena Prof. P.S. Tripathi Export Market, Indian Garments Industry, Japan Completed
International Business Administration A Study of Media Effectiveness in Advertising Mr. Surendra Kumar Prof. Alok Kumar Rai Full Time
Management Impact of risk perception on retail investors' Decision making : A Study from Behavioural Finance Perspective. Mr. Palash Bairagi Dr. Anindita Chakraborty Full Time
Management Impact of Corporate Governance on Firm Performance: A Study of Listed Indian Companies Mr. Shubhanker Yadav Dr. Anindita Chakraborty Full Time
Management Technical Analysis of Indian Capital Market: A longitudinal Study Ms. Shalini Singh Dr. Anindita Chakraborty Full Time
Management Role of Public Sector Banks in Financial Inclusion of Urban Poor : A Study of Select Districts in Eastern UP Mr. Siddhartha Rawat Dr. Amit Gautam Full Time
Management Multifactor Asset Pricing Model: A Cross-country Analysis Ms. Smita Datta Dr. Anindita Chakraborty Full Time
Management Role of Emotional Intelligence in Managerial Decision Making: A Study of Select Enterprises Ms. Anupama Asthana Prof. Radha Krishna Lodhwal Full Time
Management Revisiting Management Strategies from 'Shri Vishnu Dashavataar' Perspectives Ms. Aparna Singh Prof. Usha Kiran rai Full Time
Management Sustaining Competitive Advantage Ms. Pallavi Thacker Prof. H.P. Mathur Full Time
Marketing Performance appraisal of Life Insurance Companies-A case study Ms. Nitam Singh Prof. Raj Kumar Performance, life insurance, Case study Completed
Marketing Brand Building through Confluence of Online Social Media in Fashion Industry of India Ms. Mohita Keshari Dr. Ashutosh Mohan Fashion Industry, Social Media, Brand Building Full Time
Marketing Influence of Social Media on Consumer Buying Behaviour Ms. Punita Duhan Dr. Anurag Singh Social Media, Buying behaviour Full Time
Marketing Value Chain Analysis of Handicraft Industry in India Mr. Dilip Kumar Dr. P.V. Rajeev Value Chain, Handicrafts Full Time
Marketing Sustainable development practices in Marketing-An appraisal Ms. Ranjana Pandey Prof. Usha Kiran Rai Sustainable Development , Marketing Completed
Marketing E-commerce in Rural India: A Case Study of ITC e-choupal. Mr. Vishal Shukla Dr. Sujit Kumar Dubey E-commerce, ITC e-choupal Completed
Marketing Strategic Marketing in Indian corporate Sector Mr. Abhijit Dey Prof. Usha Kiran Rai Strategic Marketing Completed
Marketing Consumer Involvement- A Study of human behavior in brand selection & purchase process Mr. Shobhit Mehrotra Prof. S.K. Singh Brand Selection, Involvement Completed
Marketing Advertising in Indian Television. Ms. Rinku Bhatia Prof. Usha Kiran Rai Television Advertising Completed
Marketing Distribution System in Indian Film Industry. Mr. B.K.Sonkar Prof. A.K. Agarwal Film Industry Completed
Marketing Advertising: A Channel to Brand Building Mr. P.Das Gupta Prof. Usha Kiran Rai Advertising, Brand Building Completed
Marketing Marketing Strategies in the of Uttaranchal Mr. Jagdish Badola Prof. A.K. Agarwal Marketing Strategies Completed
Marketing A Critical Study of Customer Relationship Management Practices in Indian Organized Retail sector. Ms. Shikha Lal Dr. Ashutosh Mohan CRM, Indian Organized Retail Completed
Marketing A Study of Consumers in-store Experience in Food Retailing in India. Mr. Raj Kiran Prabhakar Dr. Madan Lal In-store Experience, Retailing Completed
Marketing Marketing of Services in Indian Aviation Industry Mr. M.R.P.Singh Prof. Usha Kiran Rai Aviation Industry Completed
Marketing Impact of Celebrity Advertising on Consumers' Perception - A Case Study Mr. Pradeep Agrawal Dr. Sujit Kumar Dubey Celebrity Advertising Completed
Marketing Comparative analysis of rural & urban consumer behavior. Mr. Rajeev Kumar Jaiswal Dr. Radha Krishna Lodhwal Consumer Behavior Completed
Marketing Creativity in Advertising Mr. S.K.Dubey Prof. A.K. Agarwal Creativity, Advertising Completed
Marketing Post Service Failure Customer Intentions: A Study of Complaint Handling and Service Recovery in Indian Banks Mr. Indrajit Singh Dr. Ashish Bajpai Complaint Handling, Service Recovery, Service Failure Completed
Marketing Private Level Brands in India: A Study of Customer Perspective Mr. Mahendra Kr. Sharma Prof. Abhijeet Singh Private Level Brands, Consumer Perspective Full Time
Marketing A Study of Consumer Behaviour for Food Products in India Ms. Shilpi Raj Dr. Rajkiran Prabhakar Consumer Behaviour, Food Products Full Time
Marketing Ipact of Customer Relationship Management in Organizational Performance with Special Reference to Indian Hotel Industry Mr. Brijesh Kumar Yadav Dr. Abhijeet Singh Indian Hotel Industry, CRM Completed
Marketing A Study of Service Quality in Indian Banking Industry Mr. Manish Kumar Yadav Dr. Alok Kumar Rai Service Quality, Banking Completed
Marketing Customer Loyality in Indian Life Insurance Industry: A Study Ms. Medha Srivastava Dr. Alok Kumar Rai Customer Loyalty, LIC Completed
Marketing Organized Retailing in Indian Market - A Study on Indian Luggage Industry. Mr. Anand Vikram Singh Dr. Alok Kumar Rai Luggage Industry, Retailing Full Time
Marketing An Analysis of marketing strategies adopted by financial institutions - A case study of selected banks in Varanasi. Ms. Sandhya Kumari Singh Prof. Usha Kiran Rai Marketing Strategies, Financial Institutions, Case Study Full Time
Marketing Strategic consideration for retail outlet locations in India- An Empirical study Mr. Vivek Kumar Pathak Dr. Madan Lal Retail Location, Completed
Marketing An Analytical study of Media Mix Strategy for Communication of Consumer Rights Mr. Ashish Anand Tripathi Prof. Usha Kiran Rai Consumerism Full Time
Marketing Impact of Advertising on Rural Customer of India: A Case Study of selected brands in UP Mr. Rajeev Kumar Malik Dr. Sujit Kumar Dubey Advertising, Rural Customers Completed
Marketing Marketing Strategy for Indian Handloom Industry in a Globalised Market Scenario. Mr. Mohd.Zohair Prof. R.K. Pandey Handloom Industry Completed
Marketing Impact of humorous advertising on buying decision process of Indian consumers. Mr. Manish Kumar Dr. Ashish Bajpai Advertising, Buying Decision Completed
Marketing Emerging trends in Retail Sector Ms. Sadhna Tiwari Dr. Ashish Bajpai Retail Completed
Marketing & SCM A Study of Demand Chain Management (DCM) Practices in Indian Organized Apparel Retailing Mr. Arun Kumar Deshmukh Dr. Ashutosh Mohan DCM, Indian Retail Full Time
OB Organizational Effectiveness in Distance Education in India Mr. D.C.Sharma Prof. H.C. Chaudhary Organizational Effectiveness Completed
OB A Study of Organizational Effectiveness in Centers of Higher Learning Ms. Pallavi Pathak nee Pallavi Dutta Dr. Abhijeet Singh Higher Learning Completed
OB Motivational Profile of Senior Executives in Public Sector Enterprises - A Case Study of SAIL. Mr. Pranav Kumar Prof. R.K. Pandey SAIL, Executives Part Time
OB/ HRM Stress Management & its impact on productivity of workers with respect to banking sectors Ms. Reeta Singh Prof. S.K. Singh Stress, Productivity, Banking Completed
OB/ HRM Occupational Stress in University Teachers: A Case Study of Banaras Hindu University Ms. Durgawati Kushwaha Dr. Radha Krishna Lodhwal Occupational Stress, Teachers, BHU Completed
OB/ HRM Institutional Values in Management of Organizational Culture: A Case Study of Selected Central Univrsities in India Ms. Gitali Choudhary Prof. R.K. Pandey Organizational Culture, Values Completed
Operations Management Enterprise resource planning in India: Tasks and options Ms. Vidhishree Prof. Rekha Prasad ERP Completed
Operations Management Purchase Practices in Select Indian Tractor Manufacturing Organizations Mr. Ran Vijaya Rai Prof. S.C. Singh Purchase Practices, Tractor Manufacturing Completed
Operations Management Design and Implementation of an IT based Work Flow Management System in B.S.N.L. Mr. Manish Kumar Garg Prof. S.C. Singh IT, Work Flow, BSNL Part Time
Operations Management Management of System Waste in Select Engineering Industry: A Supply Chain Perspective Mr. Shashank Kumar Pandey Prof. S.C. Singh System Waste, Engineering Industry, Supply Chain Full Time
Organization Behaviour Organisational Transformation in IT SMEs: "Role of Leadership, Empowerment and Culture" Mr. Akhilesh Kumar Verma Dr. Abhijeet Singh Organizational Transformation, Leadership, Empowerment, Culture Completed
Retail Marketing / Banking Retail Practices in Indian Banking Services : A Case Study of selected Public Sector Banks Mr. Birendra Kumar Prof. Sujit Kumar Dubey Banking Services, Retail Marketing, Public Sector Banks Part Time
Rural Management Producers' tribulations in Supply Chain Management of Organic Produce Mr. Vijay Amrit Raj Prof. Usha Kiran Rai Full Time
SCM A Study of Supply Chain Management Practices in Indian Dairy Industry Mr. Rajeev Kumar Dr. Ashutosh Mohan Supply Chain, Indian Dairy Industry Full Time
SCM Green Supply Chain Management Practices in Uttar Pradesh Based Leather Industry Mr. Dhananjai Gupta Prof. Abhijeet Singh Leather Industry, Green, Kanpur Full Time
SCM A Critical Study of Green Supply Chain Management (GSCM) Practices in Indian Industries Mr. Mohd. Abdul Mateen Dr. Ashutosh Mohan GSCM, Indian Paint Industries Part Time
SCM Supply Chain Management of Food Grains in Public Distribution System: A Case Study of UP Mr. Manoj Kumar Srivastava Dr. Abhijeet Singh PDS, Food Completed
SCM A study of supply Chain Management (SCM) Practices in Indian Paint Industry. Mr. Gyaneshwar Singh Kushwaha Prof. D. Barman (co-supervisor: Dr. Ashutosh Mohan) Supply Chain, Paint Industry Completed
Social Enterprises Social Innovations in India: The Role of Higher Education Ms. Garima Prof. H.C. Chaudhary Social Innovation, Higher Education Full Time
Strategic Management Strategizing Sourcing Decisions: A Case Study of Diesel Locomotive Works (DLW), Varanasi, India. Mr. Lakshmi Raman Dr. Ashutosh Mohan Sourcing Decisions, DLW Completed
Strategic Management Strategic Planning Process in Indian Corporate Sector Mr. A.N.Mishra Prof. R.M. Srivastava Strategic Planning Completed
Strategic Management A Study of Tourism Potential in Bundelkhand : A Strategic Management Perspective Mr. Saurabh Gupta Prof. S.C. Singh Tourism, Bundelkhand Full Time