"India is not a country of the Hindus only. It is a country of the Muslims, the Christians and the Parsees too. The country can gain strength and develop itself only when the people of the different communities in India live in mutual goodwill and harmony . It is my earnest hope and prayer that this centre of life and light which is coming into existence, will produce students who will not only be intellectually equal to the best of their fellow students in other parts of the world, but will also live a noble life, love their country and be loyal to the Supreme ruler."
     - Mahamana Pt. Madan Mohan Malviya
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Academic Events
  • Sep

    National workshop on 'Application of Marma ChikitsaK in Pediatrics' Key Person(s): Dr. Sahana Shankari, Dr. Vikas Kaushik, Dr. Komal Singh, Dr. Kavita Singh , Dept of Kaumarbhritya/Balroga, FA, IMS, BHU Event Date(s): 26-09-2020
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  • Sep

    National Online Training Workshop On Indian Citation Index Database Key Person(s): Prof. Pravesh K. Srivastava, Director, UGC-HRDC, Dr. Sanjiv Saraf, Dy. Librarian, BHU (Event Coordinator), Organizing Unit: UGC-HRDC BHU & ICI Event Date(s): 27-09-2020
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  • Sep

    National Webinar on "Science behind Suwarnprashan" Key Person(s): Dr. Vaibhav Jaiswal, Organizing Secretary, Deptt. of Kaumarbhritya/Balroga, Faculty of Ayurveda, IMS, BHU Event Date(s): 28-09-2020
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  • Sep

    National Conference on "Emerging Technological Advancement in Physical Education and Allied Sports "ETAPEAS-2020" Key Person(s): Dr. Vikram Singh, Organizing Secretary and Dr. Deepak Kumar Dogra and Dr. Abhishek Verma, Joint Organizing Secretaries, Deptt. of Physical Education, Faculty of Arts, BHU Event Date(s): 29-09-2020 to 30-09-2020

  • Oct

    ISACON UP State Conference 2020 Key Person(s): Prof. S. K. Mathur, Organizing Chairman & Dr. Bikram Kumar Gupta, Organizing Secretary, Deptt. of Anaesthesiology, IMS, BHU Event Date(s): 02-10-2020 to 04-10-2020

  • Oct

    Online workshop on "Statistical Computing using R" Key Person(s): Dr. Rakesh Ranjan, DST- Centre for Interdisciplinary Mathematical Sciences,IS, BHU Event Date(s): 11-10-2020 to 16-10-2020
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  • Oct

    International Conference on Extension Education IEEC 2020 Key Person(s): Dr. Kalyan Ghadei, Organizing Secretary, Deptt. of Extension Education, I.Ag. Sc., BHU Event Date(s): 14-10-2020 to 17-10-2020

  • Nov

    Conference on "47th Annual Conference of Indian Immunology Society" (IMMUNOCON 2020) Key Person(s): Dr. Geeta Rai, Convener & Organizing Secretary, Deptt. of Molecular & Human Genetics, Institute of Science, BHU Event Date(s): 05-11-2020 to 07-11-2020

  • Nov

    International Conference on "3rd World Congress on Logic and Religion" Key Person(s): Dr. Arun Kumar and Dr. Arvind Kumar Singh, Conveners, Deptt. of Mathematics, Institute of Science, BHU Event Date(s): 08-11-2020 to 12-11-2020
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  • Nov

    प्राकृतिक चिकित्सा दिवस Key Person(s): प्रो. एन. बी. षुक्ला, Organizing Secretary, सी.एच.सी. क्रीड़ा परिषद, कला संकाय, काषी हिन्दू विष्वविद्यालय। Event Date(s): 18-11-2020

  • Nov

    UGC National Seminar on "Physical Education for Health Care Yoga & Sports Performance" Key Person(s): Prof. N. B. Shukla, Organizing Secretary, CHC Athletic Associations, Faculty of Arts, BHU Event Date(s): 25-11-2020 to 26-11-2020

SS Hospital and Trauma center Updates
OPD Registration Online_22.09.2020
Data-22 September 20
Census - Trauma Centre - 21.09.2020
OPD Registration Online_21.09.2020
Data-21 September 20
Census = Trauma Centre - 19 & 29 September 2020
Roster for Tele-Medicine OPD_21.09.20
OPD Registration Online_18.09.2020
Data-18 September 20
Published Corrigendum Summary
Data-19 September 20
OPD Registration Online_19.09.2020
Census - Trauma Centre 18.9.2020.html
Scan 19-Sep-2020
OPD Registration Online_17.09.2020
Data-17 September 20
Data-17 September 20
Scan 16-Sep-2020
Data-15 September 20
OPD Registration Online_15.09.2020
OPD Registration Online_14.09.2020
Data-14 September 20
Census - Trauma Centre - 14.09.2020
Roster for Tele-Medicine OPD 14 to 19 Sept
Census Trauma Centre - 12 & 13 September, 2020
Roster for Tele-Medicine OPD_14.09.2020
Scan 12-Sep-2020
Data-11 September 20
OPD Registration Online_11.09.2020
OPD Registration Online_10.09.2020
Data-10 September 20
OPD Registration Online_09.09.2020
Scan 10-Sep-2020
Data-9 September 20
Scan 09-Sep-2020
Data-8 September 20
OPD Registration Online_08.09.2020
OPD Registration Online_07.09.2020
Data-7 September 20
Scan 08-Sep-2020
Scan 07-Sep-2020
OPD Registration Online_05.09.2020
Data-5 September 20
Roster for Tele-Medicine OPD (07.09.2020)
Scan 04-Sep-2020
Data-4 September 20
OPD Registration Online_04.09.2020 (Modern Medicine)
Online Staff and Students
Scan 02-Sep-2020
Data-3 September 20
Census - Trauma Centre - 28.8.2020
Census - Trauma Centre - 29 & 30 August, 2020
OPD Registration Online_27.08.2020
Data - 27th August 2020
Census - Trauma Centre - 26.8.2020
Census - Trauma Centre - 24.8.2020
TRAUMA CENTRE IMS Census Report for the year 2019
Roster for Tele-Medicine OPD
Data - 24th August 2020
OPD Registration Online_24.08.2020
Teleconsultation OPD 24.08.2020
Teleconsultation OPD 22.08.2020
Census - Trauma Centre - 20.8.2020
Census - Trauma Centre -21.8.2020
Census - Trauma Centre - 19.8.2020
Census - Trauma Centre - 18.8.2020
Census Trauma Centre - 17.08.2020
Teleconsultation OPD (18.08.2020)
OPD Registration Online_17.08.2020
Data - 17 August 2020
Census - Trauma Centre - 16th August 2020
Census - Trauma Centre - 14th & 15th August, 2020
Data - 10 August 2020
Data-28 July 20
Data-27 July 20
Census data of 28th July 2020 from Trauma Centre
Data-29th July 2020
Data-25 July 20
Data-24 July 20
Census data of 23rd 2020 from Trauma Centre
Census data of 18th & 19th 2020 from Trauma Centre
Data-20th July 2020
Census data of 20.07.2020 from Trauma Centre
Data-17 July 20
Data-15 July 20
Census data of 14th July 2020 from Trauma Centre
Data-14 July 20
Census Trauma Centre - 01.07.2020
Census Trauma Centre - 30.6.2020
Census Trauma Centre - 29.6.2020
Census data of 27th & 28th June, 2020 from Trauma Centre
Data- 26 June 20
Census data of 26th June, 2020 Trauma Centre
Data- 24 June 20
Census data of 23rd June, 2020 Trauma Centre
Data- 22 June 20
Census data of 20th and 21st June, 2020 Trauma Centre
Teleconsultation OPD (20.06.2020)
Census data of 18-06-2020 Trauma Centre
Teleconsultation OPD (18.06.2020)
Census Trauma Centre - 12.06.2020
Census Trauma Centre - 11.06.2020
Data- 12-6-2020
Teleconsultation OPD (13.06.2020)
Data- 11-6-2020
Census Trauma Centre - 10.06.2020
Hospital Record dt. 09.06.2020
Data- 9-6-2020
Data- 10-6-2020
Hospital Data - 1 April to 7 June 2020
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