Banaras Hindu University is    an  internationally reputed    temple  of  learning, situated in the holy city of Varanasi. This     Creative  and innovative university was   founded by the   great   nationalist   leader, Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya, in1916  with  cooperation  of great personalities   like Dr Annie Besant,  who   viewed   it    as   the   University  of  India. Banaras  Hindu University  was        created  under  the Parliamentary legislation - B.H.U. Act   1915. It    played  a   stellar  role  in  the   independence  movement  and has developed into the greatest center of    learning   in   India.  It  has   produced many great  freedom  fighters    and   builders  of   modern  India  and  has immensely contributed to    the  progress  of  the  nation  through a large number of  renowned      scholars,   artists,     scientists      and  technologists    who have graced its portals. The  area  of  the  main campus  of  this  premiere  Central University is 1300 acres, having well maintained  roads,  extensive  greenery, a temple,   an air  strip  and  buildings  which     are  an  architectural delight. The  Air Field of the campus was started for  military   training  for  flying   during the second world war. 

Another campus of the university  at Barkachha , in Mirzapur district, covering an area of 2700 acres is     coming up. The university comprises 3 Institutes, 14 Faculties 124  Departments, 4 Inter disciplinary   Centers a constituent college for  women and 3 Constituents  Schools, spanning a vast range of subjects pertaining to all branches of  humanities, social science, technology, medicine ,science, fine arts and performing arts. It has 6 centres of Advanced Studies, 10 Departments under  Special Assistance   Programme and a large number  of specialized Research Centers. Four Degree  Colleges of  the city are affiliated to the University. Bharat Kala Bhavan, the reputed   museum of the university, is a treasure trove of rare collections. The 927 bed hospital  of the University is equipped with all the modern amenities.The  university provides a wide range of facilities for sports and hobbies, has large playgrounds, a big auditorium, a flying club and many auxiliary services and units like Printing  Press, Publication Cell, Fruit Preservation Center, Subsidized Canteens, Employment  and Information Bureau, Security etc. The University family consists of about 15000 students belonging to all streams of life, castes and religions and races, about 1700 teachers, and nearly 8000 non-teaching staff. A large number of students from foreign countries like the U.S.A, the countries of Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa etc., come to study here. The university has   taken a leadership role in promoting new ideas, the spirit  of integration of the world, and cultivation of intellect and culture.


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