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Dr. H.P. Mathur
Professor of Management Studies, FMS, BHU
Ph.: +91 542 6701413 (Off. Direct) Mb.: +91 9415203146
Email : hpmathur@fmsbhu.ac.in

Coordinator (University Placement Coordination Cell) &
Ex Officio Chief (University Employment Information & Guidance Bureau)

University Placemnt Coordination Cell,
Banaras Hindu University,
Varanasi - 221005 (UP),INDIA

Ph.: 91-542-670 1413 (Direct)
Telefax: 91-542-2369332 (FMS, BHU)
E-mail:pccbhu@yahoo.in; Website:  www.bhu.ac.in   

Institute / Faculty

Placement Incharge




Mr. Ashwani Singh Coordinator 9795308349 ashwanisinghfss@gmail.com
Agricultural Sciences Dr. O. P Singh Coordinator Agricultural Economics 9450392935 ompsingh@gmail.com
Agricultural Sciences Dr. R. S. Meena Coordinator Entomology & Agrucultural Zoology 8765113418 radheento@gmail.com
Agricultural Sciences Prof. Pawan Kumar Singh Coordinator Genetics and Plant Breeding 9935126942 pksbhu@gmail.com
Agricultural Sciences Prof. S. S. Vaish Coordinator Mycology & Plant Pathology 9451361998 shyam_saran@rediffmail.com
Agricultural Sciences Dr. P. K. Singh Coordinator Agricultural Economics 8765000465 pksbhu222@gmail.com
Agricultural Sciences Dr. Ramawater Meena Coordinator Soil Science & Agricultural Chemistry 9598304957 rmeena78@gmail.com
Agricultural Sciences Prof. Basavaprabhu Jirli Coordinator Extension Education 9450542832 bjirli@gmail.com
Agricultural Sciences Dr. Ashish M. Latare Coordinator Soil Science - Soil and Water Conservation, RGSC, Barkachha 8087360967 ashish.bhu786@gmail.com
Agricultural Sciences Dr. Abhishek Singh Coordinator Farm Engineering 9451526775 asbhu2006@gmail.com
Agricultural Sciences Dr. A. K. Pal Coordinator Horticulture 9415816776 akpjc2005@gmail.com
Agricultural Sciences Prof. V.K. Chandola Coordinator Farm Engineering 9415812838 vkc_vns@yahoo.co.in
Arts Dr. Kunwar Singh Coordinator Library & Information 8895436443 rawatuu@gmail.com
Arts Dr. P. S. Rana Co-Coordinator History of Art 9336913652 psranabhu@gmail.com
Arts Dr. Rajeev Vyas Coordinator Physical Education 9415459613 dr.rajivvyas@gmail.com
Arts Dr. P. J. Shyju Coordinator History of Art 9648149853 shyju@gmail.com
Commerce Dr. Twinkle Prusty Coordinator Commerce 8874200866 tpocommerce@bhu.ac.in
Education Dr. Alok Gardia Coordinator Education 9415992434 alokeducator@gmail.com
Law Dr. Rajnish Kumar Singh Coordinator Law
Mahila Maha Vidyalaya Dr. Rajeev Mishra Coordinator Bioinformatics 9935338891
Management Studies Prof. H. P. Mathur Coordinator Management Studies 9415203146 placements@fmsbhu.ac.in, placementsmbaab@fmsbhu.ac.in, hpmathur@yahoo.com
Medical Sciences Prof. Sunit Kumar Singh Coordinator Molecular Biology 9621668812 sunitsingh2000@gmail.com
Medical Sciences Ms. D. L. Suhasini Agrahari Coordinator College of Nursing 8934802767 suhasinibhu@yahoo.co.in
Performing Arts Dr. B. Satyavara Prasad Coordinator Instrumental Music 9453885577 prasad.mridangam@gmail.com
Rajiv Gandhi South Campus, Barkachha Dr. Anoop M. Coordinator Agricultural Economics
Sanskrit Vidya Dharmvijnan Sankaya Prof. Dhananjay Kumar Pandey Coordinator Veda 8004931508 dhananjaypandeybhu@gmail.com
Science Prof. S. K. Chaubey Coordinator Zoology 9450864485 shailchaube@bhu.ac.in
Science Prof. S. Bhattacharya Coordinator Chemistry 9415812570 bhatt99@yahoo.com
Science Dr. Arkoprovo Biswas Coordinator Geology. 8171524655 arkoprovo@gmail.com
Science Prof. R. S. Yadav Coordinator Geography 9935350880 ramsakal.yadav@gmail.com
Science Prof. R. Bhatia, Coordinator Geophysics 9415290782 rbhatla@yahoo.com
Science Prof. Parimal Das Coordinator Centre for Genetic Disorders 9307025080 parimal@bhu.ac.in
Science Dr. Rakesh Ranjan Coordinator Statistics 9648456105 rakesh.stat88@gmail.com
Science Prof. J. Pandey Coordinator Botany 9935954915 jiten_pandey@rediff.com
Science Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Coordinator Statistics 9451939224 sktomer73@gmail.com
Science Prof. D. R. Sahu Coordinator Mathematics 9795371821 drshaudr@gmail.com
Science Prof. Ashim Mukherjee Coordinator Molecular & Human Genetics 9450013701 ashim04@gmail.com
Science Prof. A. M. Kayastha Coordinator School of Biotechnology 9451000575 kayasthabhu@gmai.com
Science Dr. Raghavendra Chaubey Coordinator DST - Center For Interdisciplinary Mathematical Sciences (CIMS) 9919267475 rcchaubey@bhu.ac.in
Science Prof. A. Biswas Coordinator Geology 8171524655 arkoprovo@gmail.com
Science Dr. Venkatesh Singh Coordinator Physics 9450874493 venkaz@yahoo.com
Science Dr. S. Krishna Coordinator Biochemistry 9415290088 skrishna@bhu.ac.in
Science Dr. Manjari Gupta Coordinator Computer Science 9450419974 manjari_gupta@rediffmail.com
Social Sciences Prof. Ghan Shyma Coordinator History 9336911231 gshyam2005@gmail.com
Social Sciences Prof. Ranjana Sheel, Coordinator History 9935555978 rsheel@gmail.com

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