Sports Club

The lush green and open campus of BHU provides ample space to students to pursue their interest in varied sports from basketball to cricket, tennis, badminton, swimming and athletics. The sports club at FMS-BHU organizes sporting events for students and faculty at campus. The club also prepares students for taking part at sports meet organized at other management colleges. Our sports has team bagged several medals in sports meet organized by IIM-Lucknow.

Club Activities:

All the sports events are organised as part of Unnayan(Annual fest of FMS, BHU)

  • Big Bash (Cricket Tournament)
  • Kick-offs (Soccer Tournament)
  • Shuttlemasters (Badminton Tournament)
  • Counterloop (Table Tennis Tournament)
  • Checkmate ( Chess Tournament)
  • Crosscourt (Lawn Tennis Tournament)
  • Libero (Volleyball Tournament)
  • Headshots (Counter Strike Tournament)
  • Deadstroke (Cue- Pool and Snooker Tournament)
  • Topspeed (NFS Racing Tournament)
  • Full House (Poker Night)

All the team games are organised between 06 teams of FMS, BHU which includes:

  • MBA (Ist Year)
  • MBA (IInd Year)
  • MBA-IB (Ist Year)
  • MBA-IB (IInd Year)
  • MBA- Agri Business (Ist and IInd Year)
  • Research Scholars

Sports fields are as important to us as classrooms. We at FMS, BHU understand the value of games and sports in one's life and hence always encourage our students to participate in these activities for their overall development.