Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why FMS BHU?

BHU is one of the oldest and largest residential universities in Asia located in the holy city of Varanasi. At FMS BHU, a foreign student can learn the modern managerial principles along with exposure to the eastern philosophy. As future managers, this blend helps the students to adopt and implement new and innovative ways of managing organizations at the national and global level. Moreover, with experienced faculties and proper infrastructure to support the learning process, an international student gains a lot of experience here.

2. How is the climate and living condition in Varanasi?

Varanasi experiences a humid subtropical climate with large variations between summer and winter temperatures. The dry summer starts in April and lasts until June, followed by the monsoon season from July to October. The temperature ranges between 22 and 46 DC (72 and 115 DF) in the summers. Winters in Varanasi see very large diurnal variations, with warm days and downright cold nights. Cold waves from the Himalayan region cause temperatures to dip across the city in the winter from December to February and temperatures below 5 DC (41 DF) are not uncommon. The average annual rainfall is 1,110 mm (44 in). Fog is common in the winters, while hot dry winds, called loo, blow in the summers. The BHU campus in particular, with its dense greenery, experiences temperatures a touch lower than the rest of the city in all the seasons.

3. Is there any anti ragging committee?

Banaras Hindu University has strict rules and guidelines regarding ragging in the university premises. As per the guidelines of the university the faculty has its own Anti-ragging committees.
There are the following committees and cells in the faculty:

  • Anti Ragging Sub-Committee, Sub-Squad & Monitoring Cell
  • Grievance & Equal Opportunity Cells
  • Quality Cells (NAAC)
These committees and cells are active for safeguarding the students against ragging activities.

4. In which language are the lectures delivered?

The Lectures are delivered in English language.