Graduate Programs

MSc. Ag. Ext. Courses
1. Fundamentals of Extension Education
2. Fundamental of Rural Sociology
3. Methods of Social Research
4. Process and Methods of Communication
5. Psychology of Human Behavior

Optional Courses

1. Programme Planning in Extension
2. Managerial Skills for Extension Professionals
3. Agricultural Journalism
4. Training for Human Resource Development
5. Communication Media and Information Technology
6. Visual and Graphic Communication
7. Training Methodology
8. Management in Extension
9. Entrepreneurship Development
10. Diffusion and Adoption of Innovations

Phd. In Extension Education

ExT 601 Theory Construction in social science
EXT 602 Scaling technique
EXT 604 Transfer of Technology in the Field of Agriculture
EXT 605 Managing Rural Development Programmes
EXT 606 Theory and Practice of Training
EXT 607 Educational Technology
EXT 608 Traditional Media of Communication
EXT 610 Information Retrieval and Dissertation writing