The institute has a farm of 65 hectares in the main campus and another 1000 hectares at Barkachha in Mirzapur district, The main aim of the farm is to provide essential facilities to faculty members and students for smooth conduct of research activities and demonstrative technologies. The campus agriculture farm is currently used by research projects (Coordinated and adhoc) and by students for their research as well as for instructional purposes. A small fraction of the campus farm is being used for seed production and multiplication. The campus farm serves as a centre for supplying quality seeds of cereals (wheat rice, maize), pulses, (pigeonpea, greengram, field pea, rajmash, Lentil), oil seeds (Mustard, Sesame) and vegetables (Potato, okra). The agriculture farm at Barkachha not yet developed to its full potential, is providing support to Krishi Vigyan Kendra for organising demonstrations on field crops, vegetables and plantation crop system prospective. Day to day activities of the campus farm are managed by a 5 member supervisory staff and that of Barkachha by the training staff engaged in KVK. The Campus farm is being modernised currently by a farm development and management committee recently constituted by the Vice Chancellor for its quick development. A large number of farm machines have been procured to completely mechanise the farming operations.

  • Campus farm came into existence with the establishment of Institute of Agricultural Research.
  • Barkachha farm was established with the inception of Institute of Agricultural Sciences.
  • Supports Activities relating to instruction, RAWE, research and demonstrative crop production.
  • Works as center of supplying quality seeds of important cereals, pulses, oil seeds and vegetables
  • . Aqua-Agro-Forestry model established at the campus farm.
  • Revenue worth over 5 lakh generated per annum.
  • Supports undertaking research activities to a dozen All India Coordinated Research Projects and a host of adhoc projects.
  • 3 ponds for raising fish culture.
  • Gottery established at Barkachha farm.
  • Precision farming undertaken to optimise resources.