Research Projects

Sr. Name of P.I. Title of Project Duration Funding Agency Amount
1. Prof. K. P. Singh Development of formulations and application techniques of nematode capturing fungi against root-knot coursing nematodes of rice and brinjal 2007- 2010 D.B.T. Rs. 18,20000/-
2. Prof. Ramesh Chand & Dr. Vineeta Singh Diagnosis and Management of Leaf spot disease of field and horticultural crops. 2009 -2012 ICAR Rs 35.60 Lacs
3. Prof. Ramesh Chand Role of melanin in reproductive biology of Bipolaris sorokiniana. 2009 -2012 UGC Rs.7.71 Lacs
4. Prof. H. B. Singh Training cum field demonstration of seed treatment with bio-agents as an Important Component of IPM Practices for economically important crops of Uttar Pradesh. 07-08 - On going Ministry of Agril. &Co operation (Govt. of U.P.) Rs. 88.54 Lacs
5. Prof. H. B. Singh Promoting bio-farming and IPM Practices I Eastern Uttar Pradesh through Training cum field Demonstration Under Participatory Approach 07-08 - On going Ministry of Agril. & Cooperation through U.P. Government Rs. 101.18 Lacs
6. Prof. H. B. Singh Modulating biofarming oriented rural livelihood through biotechnological approach-based micro-enterprising among farmers by training – cum-field demonstration 09-10- On going DST New Delhi Rs. 21.31 Lacs
7. Prof. H. B. Singh Establishment of plant Health Clinic 08-09 - On going National Horticulture Mission (N) Rs. 20.00 Lacs
8. Prof. Asha Sinha Decomposition of green manure by soil mycoflora in Rice field June 2007-June 2010 UGC Rs.5,38,233
9. Sri R. C. Ram Diversity in eclible fungi July 08 –July 11 CST Rs. 4.80
10. Dr. B.K. Sarma Development of microbial consortium for plant growth promotion and biological control in legumes. July 09 – July 12 DBT New Delhi Rs. 39.72 Lacs