National/International Conference/ Seminar/ Symposia/ Workshop/ Performances Exhibitions etc. organized during last 5 years

Sr. Name of the FacultyPeriod Field of Specialisation
1 Dr. B. N. Singh Founder of the Institute Irradiation, Photoperiodism and Vernalization, Mineral Nutrition, Plant Water Relations, Chemical weed control and Growth Substances
2Prof. R. S. Choudhri1945-1969 Photoperiodism, irradiation, plant hormones, weed control and foliar nutrition of plants
3 Dr. Kashi Naresh Lal 1942-1954 Plant physiology
4 Prof. Krishna Kumar Retired on 1962 Plant Physiology
5 Prof. V.B. Bhatnagar 1954-1987 Growth retarding chemicals and herbicides on chemical weed control, mineral nutrition with special reference to micronutrients and stress physiology
6Prof. O.K. Garg Retired on 1989 Physiology of phytohormone, effects on growth and development, mineral nutrition, drought effects and drought resistance, herbicides and yield potentiality of crops with special reference to source-sink relationships
7 Prof. J. N. Singh Retired on 1986 Mineral nutrition of plants, with reference to source and sink relationship of medicinal plant and grain legumes
8 Prof. D.N. Tyagi 1989-1995 Physiology of flowering in mango, and water stress physiology
9 Prof (Mrs.). C. P. Singh 1984-2001 Stress physiology, particularly water stress, growth and development, and nitrogen fixation