Department of Soil Science
Agricultural Chemistry



Name of the Teacher Designation Qualification Field of Specialization
Prof. A.P.Singh Professor Ph.D. Cation exchange / I.N.M. / Soil Quality
Prof. S.K. Singh Professor Ph.D. Micronutrients Nutrition/ Heavy Metal Pollution/ Phytoremediation
Prof. S. Singh Professor Ph.D. INM/ Sulphur Nutrition/ Soil Testing/ Soil Fertility
Prof. B.R. Maurya ProfessorPh.D. Soil Microbiology/ Biofertilizers
Prof. P. Raha Professor Ph.D. Pesticide Residues / Natural Product Chemistry
Prof. J. Yadav Professor Ph.D. Soil Microbiology / Soil Fertility
Dr. A.K. Ghosh Assoc. Professor Ph.D. Soil Fertility & Plant Nutrition/ Crop Modeling
Dr. Nirmal De Assoc. Professor Ph.D. Soil Physics, Nutrient & Moisture Dynamics in Crop Land
Dr. P.K. Sharma Professor Ph.D. Soil Fertility / Chemistry
Dr. Y.V. Singh Asstt. Professor Ph.D. Plant Biochemistry / Organic Pool Dynamics
Dr. A. Rakshit Asstt. Professor Ph.D. Soil Nutrient Modelling/ Phytoremediation
Shri R. Meena Asstt. Professor M.Sc.(Ag.) Soil Fertilty & Fertilizer
Dr. T. Nath Asstt. Professor Ph.D. Soil Chemistry/ Soil Fertility, Soil & Water Conservation