Services and Facilities : Department of Anatomy

In-Patient Services
a. Karyotyping (Chromosomal analysis)
Karyotyping is done on regular basis upon referral from departments of
pediatrics and Obstetrics and Gynecology and other departments
b. Molecular genetics analysis
1. developmental delays
2. multiple congenital anomalies
3. primary infertility
4. DMD
5. SMA
6. Fragile X
c. TEM facility
TEM as a central facility for the BHU fraternity as well as neighboring state
university and colleges has been provided.
d. Cognitive Laboratory for neurobehavioral studies of the animal
e. Embalming:
Funeral embalming is done for deceased person for transportion or for
delayed funeral, with due permission from the administration.
f. Body donation
For further assistance and details, please contact the department of
Anatomy, IMS BHU
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