Department of Kaumarbhrityal Balroga

About the Department

The Kaumarbhritya/Balroga dep't was upgraded from the Kaumarbhritya Section of Prasuti Tantra in November 2006. The dep't of Kaumarbhritya/ Balroga has started to expand functionally since the date of creation as evident from the introduction of new self financing course -PGDNC (Ay), which is supported by more than eleven department of three faculties i.e. Faculty of Ayurveda, Faculty of Modern Medicine & Faculty of Management Studies of world fame Banaras Hindu University. PGDNCC is a uniquely designed course for medical talents who are interested in learning management of neonates and pediatric disorders with medical sciences specially Ayurveda and modem scientific latest technology under a competitive global scenario. This program will help participants to develop not only the subject specific management competencies, but also enable them to improve and achieve their efficiency and career potential respectively