Clinical Hematology

Brief Introduction

Division of clinical Hematology, Department of Medicine came into existence way back in 1970s under Prof VP Singh, former Director of Institute of Medical Sciences with full dedicated support from Hemato-patholgy under Prof B Dube. This unit continued to work with full dedication for the care and management of Nonmalignant and malignant hematological conditions.  In 1985 Hemophilia care and Thalassemia care programme were added. In 1997 fully operational Blood component separation unit further improved hemato-onco care. In2008, thalassemia screening was started for the population and larger number of people are coming for screening. In 2009 a grant- in- aid of Rs One Crore was received from UP Govt. for Hemophiliacs and more than 600 patient benefited.

Number of Beds in IPD:                   Four