Department of Kayachikitsa

The department of Kayachikitsa is established in 1963 and is the major clinical department of the faculty. This department is essentially concerned with postgraduate education, research and patient care in the area of Ayurvedic Internal Medicine and its clinical specialties. The Department conducts MD (Ay) and Ph.D. programmes in its three broad specialties besides other subspecialties i.e. Kayachikitsa-Chikitsa (General Medicine), Manas Roga (Psychosomatic medicine & Psychiatry) and Panchakarma (Bio-purification and Physical Medicine). Post Graduate Diploma course in Panchakarma therapy was started in the year 2000.
The various research activities in the evaluation of efficacy of Ayurvedic drugs in hrid roga (cardio-respiratory disorders), udar roga (gastrointestinal disorders), yakrit roga (hepatology), twak roga (skin & VD), manas roga (psychiatry), rasayana and vajikarana (geriatrics and aphrodisiacs) and vata vyadhi (rheumatology and neurology) are going on. The future development plans are to start geriatric clinic and to establish well equipped departmental laboratory to conduct drugs research.
Section of Manas Roga-
The Manas Roga section is an important section of Department of Kayachikitsa which deals with treatment of psychosomatic diseases & Psychiatric disorders. It was established in 1988 under the guidance of Prof. R. H. Singh. It has its own specialty clinic and Satvavajya laboratory. The Satvavajaya laboratory is equipped with several instrument such as electronic reaction timer, memory drum etc. which are useful for patient care. Since inception this section has been actively engaged in research activities as well as patient care. The focused area of research are residual schizophrenia, mental retardation, depressive disorders, anxiety neurosis, chronic daily headache, tension headache, IBS and other psychosomatic disorders, on which various MD and Ph.D. scholars has done exhaustive work.
Section of Panchkarma-
Panchkarma unit was started as a section in the department of Kayachikitsa in 1980, under the guidance of Prof. S. N. Tripathi and Prof. G. N. Chaturvedi. Since then it is growing continuously; initially only a few procedures were carried out, but now almost every procedure is performed in this section.