The unprecedented change in the education and information technology over the past decades has resulted in a situation where faculty developments is vital in keeping in touch with the recent trends and also launching new innovations in the field of education
The department of General Medicine , right from its inception in 1960, has initiated an ongoing progress of learning and discovering newer aspects of medicine. It has grown tremendously since then offering better care to the patients and contributing in the field of science. It has proven to be a dynamic department with various medals keep adding round its collar each year. Most young physicians after successfully completing their residency have made this department and the institute proud by their achievements nationally and internationally.
Department of Medicine caters health need of Eastern UP, Western Bihar adjoining area of Jharkhand, Northern MP and Nepal. The Medicine department is a major coordinating department for under graduate teaching and post graduate raining in its specialty units like clinical hematology, transfusion medicine, tropical medicine, rheumatology, infectious disease, geriatric and diabetics. It has national collaboration with WHO for its work on leishmaniasis. The department provides specialized care to HIV infected/ AIDS patients through specialty clinic. Several research projects funded by WHO TDR, Indo-USA, VAP, DBT and ICMR have been awarded and are conducting their research in basic and clinical discipline.