Brief review of historical development:

The Section of Nephrology was created in 1967 in the Department of Medicine and was upgraded to the Division of Nephrology in 1976 under dynamic leadership of Dr. P. K. Srivastava (Founder faculty). Dr. Srivastava was appointed as the first Head of the Division of Nephrology from 1976 to November 1979. Dr. K. V. Johny joined the Division in 1979 as Prof. & Head of the Division of Nephrology. Prof. K. V. Johny left the department in 1981. Then Dr. P. K. Srivastava took over the charge as Prof. & Head, Division of Nephrology and remained in this capacity till 1984. Subsequently, Dr. R. G. Singh became the Head, Division of Nephrology from 1984 to 1998. The Division was upgraded to full Department of Nephrology in 1998. Prof. R. G. Singh became the first Head, Department of Nephrology from 1998-2001. Dr. Jai Prakash joined the department in December 1990 as Reader and appointed as Professor in December 1994. He became Head of the Department of Nephrology in April 2001. Dr. Shivendra Singh joined the Department in November 2006 as Assistant Professor of Nephrology. The table below shows the Head of Division/ Department of Nephrology.

  • Prof. P. K. Srivastava : 1976 - Nov. 1979 Heads of
  • Prof. K. V. Johny : Nov. 1979 - Sept. 1981 Division of
  • Prof. P. K. Srivastava : Sept. 1981 - July 1984 Nephrology
  • Prof. R. G. Singh : 1984 - 29/4/1998
  • Prof. R. G. Singh : 30/4/1998 - 29/4/2001 Heads of
  • Prof. Jai Prakash : 30/4/2001 - 29/4/2004 Department of
  • Prof. R. G. Singh : 30/4/2004 - 29/4/2007 Nephrology
  • Prof. Jai Prakash : 30/4/2007 - 29/4/2010