Department of Radiotherapy and Radiation Medicine

Brief Introduction

The department of radiotherapy and radiation medicine is a premier cancer care facility started in 1967 , completed 42 years of service to a large population of UP, west Bihar parts of MP, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Nepal.

More than 60000 patients suffering from cancer were benefited in terms of cure, palliation and prevention of cancer. Cancer awareness among general public is being spread  to help early detection of cancer thus improving the cure rate.

Reasonable and affordable treatment is provided to patients. Majority comes from weaker socio-economic background. Cancer camps, schools, training of doctors ( and non specialist ) mass media like T.V. Radio, newspaper etc. are utilized to educate public at large regarding cancer and  various measures to control them. Cancer specialists of high accomplishments are prepared to occupy important positions at various national and international cancer institutes. Technologists are prepared to provide competent human resources to achieve high skilled treating experts. Comprehensive cancer care is provided using radiotherapy (both teletherapy and brachytherapy), chemotherapy and follow up care, utilizing the concept of joint cancer clinics with various specialists like surgeon, pathologist, radiologist etc.

Department is engaged in need based research relevant to this part of country. Finally the department responds with sensitivity and humane  touch to the need of the people of the poorvanchal and hopes to raise itself to the highest possible level to provide the state of art care to suffering  humanity.