The department of Shalakya Tantra is located in the building of Dhanvantri Bhavan ,faculty of Ayurveda IMS BHU. The Department of Shalakya Tantra was initially started as a section in the year 1983 under the Department of shalya Shalakya with view to impart post graduate teaching training and hospital services & conduct higher research activity in the subject. The section has got an independent status (created) as a full fledged department on 6th Nov.2006. The Shalakya Tantra discipline in the Ayurveda deal with integration of knowledge of Ayurveda and resent medical researches in the field of ophthalmology .(Netra Roga) ,.ENT and Head (Karna, Nasa, Gala and Siro Roga ) Oral cavity & Density .(Mukh Roga) It has great potential to contribute in this areas. This Department has made substantial contribution in the field of Shalakya Tantra related disease .At present the Department comprises one Associate professor and one Assistant Professor as a teaching post and one contractual staff and one Lab. Attendant as Non teaching staff . The Associate Professor has been appointed very recent on 11.04.2007 and took the charge of Head ship on 8th January.2008 .