Department of Kriya Sharir

Department of Kriya Sharir was established in November 2006, which was earlier a section of the department of Basic Principles. The department is involved in teaching of BAMS & MD (Ay)/MS(Ay) classes and in guiding the Ph.D. students in the field ofKriya Sharir.

Since 1979, the section of Kriya Sharir is involved in the study of scientific basic of Tridosha, Saptadhatu and Deha-Manasa-Prakriti. Since 1982 till now, about 20 M.D.(Ay) and 25 PhD have been produced. The scientific evaluation of Tridosha has great importance from the stand point of diagnosis and therapy. The etiopathogenesis of disease can not be explained unless Tridosha is objectively assessed. This department is also carrying out work on psychosomatic basis of health and disease. The section is also actively engaged in determination of psychosomatic constitution byusing anthropometric, Biochemical and Psychological parameters. Study of age related physiological changes is another field, the department is involved m.