Brief History – Medical education in Banaras Hindu University took roots in 1920 with the establishment of Department of Ayurveda under Faculty of Oriental Learning and Theology (1922-1927). Department of ‘Rachana Sharir’ was one of the section of the Department of Basic Principle, Faculty of Ayurveda, Institute of Medical Sciences, B.H.U, since 1979 onwards and in Oct 2006, this section was upgraded to a full-fledged Department. The Department building is one of the oldest buildings of the University. The Department building is in the first building of Department of Ayurveda under Faculty of Oriental Learning and Theology. It is also said that Mahatma Gandhi ji has delivered a speech in front of this building in 1942.

Present status and future plans of the Department of Rachana Sharir

·         Teaching Staff05

·         Non-teaching Staff   -   01- Lab Attendant

·         Statistics at Glance-

a. Numbers of MD (Ay) produced        :  15

b. Number of Ph.D produced:   03

c. Paper publication National/International:   more than 200

d. Total no of major National/International Awards/Fellowships:   05                              

 Future Plans:

Department has taken up many new measures and innovative topics for research activities like –

    • Tantra sharir which inculdes the Nadi  tantra , shad chakra and swar chikitsa.
    • Marma vigyan which includes the  marma chiktsa
    • Srotas sharir  including its applied aspects
    • Garbha Sharir and its applied aspects
    • Dissecting technique based on Ayurvedic principles.

The study of these areas is adding new dimensions in research in the field of Rachana Sharir. In future the Department will further explore these areas for providing a cost effective along with least side effect Ayurvedic health facilities as till date our department has explored the marma chikitsa, swar chikitsa and ways of prevention of garbhaj vikriti.