Equipments : Department of Radiotherapy & Radiation Medicine

List of the equipment and facilities available in the Department

    Secondary Standard Dosimeter (SSD - 116)
    Radiation Survey meter (SM-140-D)
    Contamination Meter
    Amersham Manual after loading brachytherapy kit
    TSD Radplan TPS
    Gamma Zone Monitor (GA720) - 2 nos
    Treatment Planning Simulator (Shimadzu)
    Amersham Cs-137 Interstitial brachytherapy kit
    Phoenix Rotational Telecobalt Unit
    TLD reader
    DIGIRAD Digital Radiation Survey Meter
    Gamma Zone Monitor
    Survey Meter (#60)
    Secondary Standard Dosimeter (ND - 11)
    Secondary Standard Dosimeter
    Pocket Dosimeter (730)
    Theratron 780E Rotational Telecobalt Unit
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