Department of Radiotherapy & Radiation Medicine

Year of establishment: 1967

The department was established in 1967. The faculty in the Department of Radiotherapy & Radiation Medicine is actively involved in treatment of cancer patients, teaching and research. For the management of cancer patients using ionizing radiation, the department is equipped with sophisticated radiotherapy equipment and cancer chemotherapy facility is also available. The Department is working with the objective of providing state of the art cancer treatment facility and starting new training programmes for radiation oncology professionals. The faculty is actively involved in the following research areas: Chemo-radiation in management of Cervical and Head & Neck Cancers, Chemo radiotherapy in Gall bladder cancer, Community oncology with emphasis on early detention, Geriatric Oncology, Digital Portal imaging and Indigenization of Radiation equipment.
The department is equipped with two latest version rotational telecobalt units for external beam radiation therapy and both manual and computer controlled remote after-loading system for brachytherapy. Brachytherapy includes both intracavitary and interstitial implantation facility. The department also has Radiation therapy Simulator for treatment planning and field verification, computerized treatment planning system and facility for making thermoplastic immobilization cast used during patient treatment.
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