Welcome to Department of Sangyaharan (Estd. 2011)

Prof.  K K Pandey, Head



Founded recently in the year 2011, the Department of Sangyaharan, Banaras Hindu University has been one of the leading departments in the country. The teaching and research in the specialty of Sangyaharan was started in the Department of Shalya Shalakya with its inception in the year 1963 to promote surgical disciplines of Ayurved . Primarily teaching of Sangyaharan was started as a Section of Department of Shalya Shalakya under Dynamic Leadership of Late Dr. S.B.Pande, Reader of the Department .It has not only provided up-to-date teaching resources but also taken lead in introducing newer disciplines to the teaching curricula. Thus, introduction of subjects such as Ayurvedic Pain Management and Ayuvedic Palliative Care in the teaching curricula, much ahead of other departments in the country, helped to revive the surgical disciplines of Ayurved as a living, growing medical stream. In that respect, the Department has been a pioneer in Sangyaharan teaching in India. The scientific merit of the faculty has been recognized from time to time through honours and awards, such as Ashwinau Award and Best Ph.D. Thesis Award. The faculty members have been serving on editorial boards of various journals in their domains of expertise and as members of national and international decision making bodies that formulate general policy/plans on research and education. The tradition of strong training and excellence has been maintained and expanded during the last 50 years.

Details of Academic Programmes running in the department

The Department offers 3 years M. D. Ayu. Sangyaharan course (annual intake of 2 Residents), 2 years P.G. Diploma course (annual intake of minimum 3 or maximum 5 students), and 1 year Certificate Course in Ayurvedic Pain Management for foreign nationals (annual intake of minimum 1 or maximum 3 students). The Department also offers teaching and training of Sangyaharan to B.A.M.S. students in final professional course. The Department also offers Ph.D. programme in Sangyaharan. Presently there are 2 members on the faculty, two Medical Officers, one Sr. Resident, one J.R.F. and 5 U.G.C. Research fellows.

Important dates in the history of Department


 1 August 1989-Starting new specialty-Sangyaharan P.G. at B.H.U.


 Foundation of AAIM-Registered on 14th November 1996.


 Organization of 1st National Conference of AAIM-8-9March1997- B.H.U.,



 16 August 2011-Starting new specialty-Sangyaharan P.G. Diploma Course at B.H.U.


 Proposal to upgrade Sangyaharan as Depatment-29.01.1995 by Joint Board of Study



 1.01.2007-Approved by academic council as Department.


 31.10.2007- Approved by Executive council as Department.


 11.11.2011- Approved by Ministry of Human Resource Development as Depatment.


 18.11.2011-Notified as Department of SANGYAHAN by Registrar B.H.U.


 On 17.01.2012-Appointment of First Head-Dr. D.N. Pande


 On 18.01.2012-Inauguration of Departt. by the Directr-I.M.S.-Prof. T.M.Mohopatra


Department's resources including library, laboratories and academic/ research facility & services

Details of the Facilties
Library- Nearly 200 Books and Journals are available in the newly created departmental Library.

Reasearch facility: A well equipped research unit is functional having P.F.T. E.CG., Pulse Oxymetry, Capnography and Electrolyte analysis.


Operation Theatre: All the six days.

Having most Modern Anesthesia Work Station providing routine and Emergency anesthesia services Round the Clock to the surgical units of the Faculty of Ayurved,

Establishment of High Dependency Unit.



Pain Clinic & PAC-15-A: Monday, Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday & Saturday.

Agnikarma and Jalaukavacharan for Pain Management-16A : Monday, Tuesday.

Establishment of 7 days training programme to AYUSH graduate for Disaster Management thrice yearly.


Contact information

For any queries please feel free to contact us at: 
Department of Sangyaharan,Telephone numbers : +91-542-6702189
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