(Formerly Basic Principles)

About the Department

An Ayurvedic College was established in Banaras Hindu University in 1927 to impart training in  Ayurveda. Late Padmashri Prof. K.N. Udupa joined the College of Ayurveda as a Principal in 1959. In 1960, the Ayurvedic College was converted into the College of Medical Sciences with Prof. K.N. Udupa as the founder Principal. The Department of Basic Principles was started in 1963. The College was upgraded to the Institute of Medical Sciences in 1971. In 1978, the existing Faculty was bifurcated into two faculties: Faculty of Ayurveda and Faculty of Medicine. The Department of Basic Principles was subsequently divided into four units: Ayurveda    Siddhant, Rachna Sharir, Kriya Sharir, and Swasthavritta & Yoga. The undergraduate teaching and training which was suspended earlier, was restarted in 1999.  In 2006, the units became separate  independent departments, and the department of Basic Principles comprising the unit of Ayurveda Siddhant, was renamed as the Department of Siddhant Darshan. The department offers the following courses: 1. B.A.M.S. UG Course, 2. M.D. (Ay.) PG Course, 3. Ph.D. Research Programs. At present, there are 3 Professors, 1 Associate Professor and 1 Assistant Professor in the department.