10. The creator of the intellectual property shall

(a) make an invention disclosure in a thorough and timely manner of all inventions, discoveries and other works that are patentable/copyrightable and in which University has stake/share as described in these Ordinances.

(b) provide such assistance as may be necessary throughout the assignment process to protect and effectuate transfer of the intellectual property;

(c) arrange for the retention of all records and documents that are necessary to the protection of the intellectual property;

(d) abide by all commitments made in license, sponsored research and other agreements made in accordance with these Ordinances.

(e) have the further responsibility to properly consider, disclose and manage any possible conflicts of interest arising from agreements to commercialize intellectual property. If multiple agreements exist, for example, when a company funds University research and also has a consulting arrangement with the creator, there may be conflicts created with respect to intellectual property rights. The creator should work with the IPC to resolve such conflicts.

(f) to manage, including bearing patent/copyright, assigning it for economic use or licensing it similarly on terms to be finalized jointly by head of IPC, inventor/creator and financing agency if any for the research project which lead to such an invention/creation, in situation referred to in 9(a) when inventor/creator has withdrawn the right of management of intellectual property from the specialist agency of CSIR/IPC due to their non-performance. Provided that income from any such assignment/licensing for economic use will necessarily be receivable by the University in totality and distribution of inventor’s/creator’s and financing agency’s share will be the exclusive responsibility of the University.