23. Amendments: The University reserves the right to amend these Ordinances at any time as required. The Executive Council upon recommendation by the Intellectual Property Cell may amend these Ordinances.

24. Waivers: The University may grant a waiver from the provisions of these Ordinances on a case-by-case basis. All waivers must be in writing, supported by reasons and signed by the Vice-Chancellor. Any decision to grant a waiver will take into account the best interest of the University and the facts of the particular situation. Every waiver and reasons for it shall be reported to the Executive Council in its next meeting.

25. Educational Materials: Educational Materials represent a broad spectrum of copyrighted works. These materials encompass traditional educational materials such as material for lessons and course material as well as other methods of course delivery such as Internet based learning. The desire of the University is to encourage the development of creative and effective educational tools and media in order to further the University educational goals. Educational materials produced in the normal course will generally be owned by the creator of the educational material. Certain circumstances, may however, give rise to claim of joint ownership by the University. Because all possible circumstances cannot be envisioned by these Ordinance, each particular situation will have to be evaluated on its own facts to determine ownership interests.

26. Moral Rights: The University recognizes the moral rights of the creators of intellectual property and shall endeavor to protect these rights. These include the right of fair attribution of authorship or invention, the need for the work not to be altered in such a way that it harms the reputation of the creator and an opportunity for the creator to be involved in determining the final outcome of his/her labour.

27. Logo and the Emblem of University: The Logo and Emblem of the University are the exclusive identity and property of the University and no person shall without prior permission of the University can utilize the logo and/or emblem of the University for any commercial purpose.