1. The Banaras Hindu University (hereinafter referred to as 'University') is dedicated to teaching, research, and the extension of knowledge to the public. The University recognizes its responsibility to produce and disseminate knowledge. Inherent in this responsibility is the need to encourage creativity and scholarly woks and the developments of new and useful materials, devices, processes and other intellectual property. The creation of this intellectual property may have potential for commercialization, which thereby contributes to the professional development of the individual involved, enhances the reputation of the University, provides expanded educational opportunities for students and promotes public welfare. It is in the context of advancing the common good that University supports and encourage efforts directed towards bringing the fruits of University research in diverse fields of knowledge to public use and benefit. The University is committed to providing an environment where scholarship and innovation can flourish and those participating can be justly rewarded for their efforts. At the same time it recognizes that certain intellectual property is developed as a result of the environment provided by the University and that special relationships exist between the University and its staff and students the University itself wishes where appropriate to gain benefit from the activity, with the benefits following on to future generations of staff and students. The University recognizes that the research and teaching missions of the University always take precedence. At the same time, the University encourages the development of inventions and technology resulting from University research, and seeks to facilitate the transfer of such technology for the use and benefit of the public, the University and the Creator. In order to establish the respective rights and obligations of the University, its faculty, students, and other employees in intellectual Property of all kinds now and hereafter existing, the University is adopting these Ordinances governing Intellectual Property Policy (hereinafter referred to as the “Policy”). These Ordinances shall govern the Intellectual Property Rights of the University, faculty members, students and others in the work, product, ideas and inventions created in connection with the activities of the University.

The University has created this Intellectual Property Policy for the management of intellectual property to:

a.Promote, preserve, encourage and aid scientific investigation and research;

b. Provide an organizational structure and procedures through which inventions and discoveries made in the course of University research may be made readily available to the public through channels of commerce;

c. Establish standards for determining the rights and obligations of the University, creators of intellectual property (e.g., inventors, developers, authors) and their sponsors with respect to inventions, discoveries and works created at the University;

d. Encourage, assist and provide mutually beneficial rewards to the University and members of the University and others who transfer University intellectual property to the public through commercial channels under this Policy;

e. Ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations and enable the University to secure sponsored research funding at all levels of research; and

f. Enhance the reputation of the University as an academic research institution and a member of society by pursuing the highest ideals of scholarship and teaching and by conferring the benefits of that scholarship and teaching on the University community and society.

The University Intellectual Property Policy provides the structure for preservation and use of intellectual property and procedures through which inventions and discoveries made in the course of University research are made available to the public through the transfer of technology. The variety of intellectual property and the mechanisms for the transfer of technology are vast, and it is not possible to address all of the possibilities in this Policy. The goal of the University is intellectual property for society’s use and benefit while generating income to support research and education.

The University shall require as a condition of employment that all University faculty and staff agree in writing to recognize and adhere to this Policy. Students and others working on research projects at the University requiring University assistance or utilization of University facilities will be required to agree in writing to recognize and adhere to this policy.