9. The University Administration shall:

(a) At its discretion assign management including patenting/ copyrighting, negotiating and assigning or licensing commercial use of such intellectual property in which it has stake/share to the specified agency created for this purpose by CSIR and called -------- under such terms as university may consider reasonable or university may manage such intellectual property through IPC. Provided however that if the specialist CSIR agency or IPC, as the case may be, fails to serve patent/copyright within one year of Patentable/ Copyrightable material being made available by the inventor/ creator or fails to assign/license patented/copyrighted material to economic use, during further period of one year, the inventor/creator will have the right to withdraw right of management of patentable/copyrightable or patented/ copyrighted material to himself and take further action to manage it himself and thereupon the right of the specialist agency/IPC to manage it will stand terminated.

(b) Educate faculty members, staff and others regarding University’s intellectual property. Provide support as it deems necessary or desirable to obtain legal protection of intellectual property in which University has stake/share. Facilitate the transfer of such intellectual property for economic use and develop mechanisms within these statutes for the assignment and management of Intellectual Property;

(c) Provide legal support as it deems necessary and desirable to defend and protect the interests of the University and the creators of the intellectual property against third party claims or unauthorized use; Share royalties, equity or other income derived from intellectual property in which University as stake/share;

(d) Report to research sponsors as required by research and Licensing agreements, and applicable laws and regulations in a timely manner.

(e) Provide oversight of Intellectual Property management and technology transfer to ensure adherence to these Ordinances.

(f) Take appropriate actions to protect the Intellectual Property in which university has stake/share. The University acknowledges the importance of transferring its Intellectual Property in an appropriate, timely and cost-effective manner. To that end, the University shall establish efficient mechanisms for assignment of Intellectual Property, so as to maximize the value of the intellectual property for the creator/ funding agency if any and/or the University.