A. The Revenue generated from the Intellectual Property shall be distributed as follows:

1. When University is the Creator, the income from economic use of intellectual property will be shared amongst the University, Research Team members and Support Staff as 60%, 35% and 5% respectively.

2. When the Individual researcher or a team of researchers is the Creator and has used substantial University resources, the Revenue shall be shared amongst the individual researcher/, team of researchers, the University and Support Staff as 60%, 35% and 5% respectively.

3. When the creation is the result of funded research, the income from economic use to be received from the Institution funding the research will be on revenue sharing basis at the level determined in the agreement assigning economic use of intellectual property to that Institution when it is the economic user. In such cases the income shall be shared between the team of researchers, the University and support staff as 60%, 35% and 5% respectively.

4. When a Company, Industry or Commercial Undertaking other than Funding Institution is the economic user the income receivable from the economic user will be as provided in the licensing agreement with that Company, Industry or Commercial Undertaking. Such income will be shared as 60%, 40% between the Funding Agency and the University. The University will distribute the income it so derives to itself, researcher/team of researchers and support staff as in the preceding para.

5. the shares as mentioned above shall be determined after deducting the direct expenses if any from the total income received by the University.

6. The creator(s) share would be declared annually and disbursement will be made to the creator(s) or their legal heir, whether or not the creators are associated with the University at the time disbursement.

7. Co-creators that is research team members of IP shall sign at the time of disclosure a Distribution of IP earnings agreement, which shall specify the percentage distribution of earnings from IP to each co-inventor. The co-owners of intellectual property may at any time by mutual consent revise the distribution of IP Earnings.