Dr. Ajai Kumar

LL.M., Ph.D.

Specialization - Hindu Law, Code of Civil Procedure, IPRC (Patent)

He did LL.B. and LL.M. from Gorakhpur University and Ph.D. from Rohtak.

Dr. Kumar has written various research articles in national and international journals. Two of his most prominent articles are: 1) “Human Cloning: A Socio-Legal Ethical Approach”, Journal of Indian Law Institute – Vol. 52 (2010); 2) “Liability of Artificial Intelligence Entities in Criminal Cases”, Vol. 42 No. 2 Banaras Law Journal (2013) 19-30. He has also authored two books namely, “Marriage Law in Indian Society” (Manak Publication Pvt. Ltd.) and “Uniform Civil Code: Challenges and Constraints” (Satyam Law International Publication). In addition to the above, he has also acted as an advisor in a minor research project conducted under the auspices of the Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi.

He has served as Professor, Head and Dean, Department of Law at the School of Legal Studies, Babasaheb B. Ambedkar University, Lucknow where he has also been Proctor, Controller of Examinations as well as Chairman of various academic bodies such as Board of Studies, D.R.C. (Law Department), School Board (School for Legal Studies), Academic Council etc. and administrative committees namely University Level Purchase Committee, Gardening & Beautification Committee, Library Purchase Committee etc.

He has also acted as an expert in the Appointment Committee of the Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission, the Appointment Board of the Shia Law College Lucknow and as subject expert in the Bihar Public Services Commission and the selection committee at Dr. H.S. Gaur University, Sagar (M.P.).

Dr. Kumar has coordinated the entrance examinations of BBAU and Law School BHU. He has also been the Chairman of the Quality Assessment Cell and has managed several Inquiry Committees at BBAU. In addition to this, he has delivered more than 25 lectures during UGC orientations, refresher courses and other events by various academic institutions.