Banaras Law Journal


The Banaras Law Journal (ISSN-0522-0815) is published bi-annually by the Faculty of Law, BHU since 1965. It seeks to provide a platform to the legal fraternity for expressing their views, their ideas and the research undertaken by them.

The Banaras Law Journal is a peer-reviewed legal journal which publishes articles, case notes and book reviews of interest to professionals, practitioners, researchers, students and policy makers in the field of international, regional and domestic laws. Eminent Indian and foreign scholars contribute research papers for publication in the journal. The Banaras Law Journal encourages a theoretical and practical approache to the study of law and its practice.

The journal is indexed in all important national and international legal bibliographies. For the Law School BHU, the Banaras Law Journal is also a source of exchange of many valuable publications of Indian and foreign universities.