Dr. Gurwinder Singh

LL.B., LL.M., LL.D.

Specialization: WTO Law

He has completed Master’s in law (LL.M) from Delhi University, INDIA. In the pursuit of higher degree in Law (Ph.D./LL.D), he joined Turku Law Faculty, Turku University, in Finland. The area of his research for the doctoral degree was specifically on “Subsidies in International trade- from the WTO perspective.” His areas of Interest are The WTO Law, Comparative Legal Traditions, Maritime Law, International Human Rights Law, Banking Law and Company Law. In addition to it, he has also participated in international seminars and conferences related to international trade. During his research work he has visited various foreign places such as Groningen, Åhrus, Stockholm, Helsinki etc.

After attaining LL.D. degree, he returned to India. Following his return, he joined NUSRL, Ranchi, as Guest Lecturer. Later, he got a position as Teaching Assistant at HPNLU, Shimla. He was warden of Boys Hostel at HPNLU, Shimla. Currently he is working as Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Law, Banaras Hindu University.

Apart from this he has published more than three research Articles in reputed International Journals and one book on ‘Subsidies in the Context of the WTO’s Free Trade System. A Legal and Economic Analysis’ Springer International Publisher, (Published in October, 2017). He has completed various international research project and currently working on Seed Grant of Banaras Hindu University. He is also the member of various committees of the Faculty of law, BHU.