Medical Benefit

  1. The Chattra Swasthya Kalyan Yojna (a university student health welfare program) provides medical facilities to students free of cost (except medicines) in Sir Sundar Lal Hospital.
  2. In case the health centre is closed and there is an emergency, then you can go to Sir Sundar Lal Hospital. However, you must carry your health card to avail the medical facilities.
  3. There must be a record of your medical examinations, treatments and prescriptions in your health diary. It is a punishable offence to use someone else's health diary for your own check up in the health centre.
  4. The University also refunds medical expenses in accordance with the respective norms upto Rs. 20,000 in normal cases and Rs. 50,000 in serious cases.
  5. The university does not guarantee that it will be able to provide all the required medicines at the same time therefore, students may have to purchase such medicines from outside the campus.
  6. For any information, queries, help or suggestions, you can contact the Chief Medical Officer at the Student Health Centre.