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1. HQ NCC Group 'A', Varanasi was formally raised in the academically charged environment of the Banaras Hindu University on 14 Feb 1963.

However the University has an eighty eight (88) years old history of facilitating and encouraging in its curricular and imparting of Military  training to its students. At the peak of the first world war, on 05 August 1921, 2 UP EME Company, of the University Training Corps, was raised in the present day premises of the BHU, under the stewardship of Mr Charles King, then Principal of the Banaras Engineering College, (BENCO).He was later commissioned as a Captain in July 1923, and was the first Officer Commanding of the Company. Military training, ever since has been an integral part of the Academic Curriculum of the University.
2. With the promulgation of the National Cadet Corps Act of 1948, the Company was re-designated as 3 UP Company NCC.
2. NCC Group 'A' Varanasi, since its inception, the Group has been commanded by 21 Group Commanders, under whose command the NCC, emanating from the BHU has spread over to five districts of the Purvanchal in Uttar Pradesh.
3. The Group, under the command of Col Harjeet Singh, has in its folds to day, nine NCC units, five of which are located within the BHU, two of its Battalions are located at Ballia, and one each at Mughalsarai and Ghazipur.
4. The Group Headquarters is coordinating and consolidating NCC Training activities, in three Universities namely the Banaras Hindu University, Purvanchal University and Gorakhpur University, to approximately 10,000 students both boys and girls of 60 colleges and 25 schools, administered by 150 PI Staff from the Indian Armed Forces, 100 Associated NCC Officers (ANO), who are the faculty members of various schools and colleges, and around 150 civilian employees of the State Govt.

89 UP Bn NCC, Varanasi 90 UP Bn NCC, Ballia 91 UP Bn NCC, Mughalsarai 92 UP Bn NCC, Ghazipur 93 UP Bn NCC, Ballia 28 UP Girls Bn NCC, Varanasi 3 UP Armd Sqn NCC, Varanasi 7 UP Naval Unit NCC, Varanasi 2 UP EME Coy NCC Varanasi
SD/SW - 924 SD/SW - 1035 SD/SW - 930 SD/SW - 770 SD/SW - 985 SW - 640SD - 200 SD/SW - 200 SD - 200
5 Coy & 2 Pl 6 Coy & 1 Pl 5 Coy & 2 Pl 4 Coy & 2 Pl 6 Coy 4 Coy 1 Coy 04 Div 1 Coy
JD/JW - 500 JD/JW - 550 JD/JW - 500 JD/JW - 550 JD/JW - 500 JW - 150
5 Tps 5.5 Tps 5 Tps 5.5 Tps 5 Tps 1.5 Tps

5. Details of NCC Units within the Group: Brief details of the units affiliated with NCC Group Varanasi are:-
(a) 2 UP EME Coy NCC (IT BHU): Raised 05 Aug 1921, the unit is the oldest unit of the Group, affiliated with Institute of Technology, BHU, Varanasi. The unit commanded by Lt Col IP Mishra, has 200 cadets (students) on its roll, and one ANO.
(b) 3 UP ARMD SQUADRON NCC, BHU Raised on 11 Nov 1961, the unit was earlier located in the Ruiya Hostel Complex of BHU. The unit is affiliated with the Faculty of Science & Institute of Technology, BHU and Govt ITI, Varanasi, with cadet strength of 200 students. The unit is presently being commanded by Lt Col Sandeep Kumar and has three ANOs on its roll.
(c) 28 UP Girls Bn NCC, BHU, Varanasi: Raised in Jun 1964, the Bn is a pure Girls Battalion with a cadet strength of 800 girl students, from 10 colleges and schools. The unit is commanded by Lt Col Rajesh Bhar and has five lady ANOs.
(d) 7 UP Naval Unit NCC BHU, Varanasi Raised in Nov 1964, the unit on its inception was located in the Ruiya College Complex of BHU, the unit has an enrolled strength of 200 cadets, railing from BHU, PG College, Ghazipur and Gorakhpur University. The unit is presently commanded by Lt Cdr (Indian Navy) SK Sharma, and has four ANOs on its strength. The unit has achieved National and state Directorate level distinctions for its excellent performances.
(e) 89 UP Bn NCC, BHU, Varanasi This historical unit was raised in Allahabad in 1923 and then was moved to BHU the same year. Major SL Dar, the former Registrar of the BHU was one of the first cadets of the unit. The Battalion, commanded by Lt Col Sandeep Kumar, has an enrolled strength of 1500 cadets, from 11 institutions located at BHU, Varanasi and Sadat (Ghazipur)
(f) 90 UP Bn NCC, Ballia The unit was raised in Feb 1963 by Major KRB Mahabir in Ballia, has on its roll almost 1600 cadets, both senior and junior division boys and girls, from eleven colleges and six schools. The unit presently commanded by Col Deepak Behl has sixteen ANO.
(h) 92 UP Bn NCC, Ghazipur Raised in Jan 1964, the area of responsibility of the unit extends over Ghazipur and Mau districts of Purvanchal, UP. Presently the unit has an enrolled strength of 1300 cadets, from nine colleges and six schools, spread across rural areas of the district. The unit is presently being commanded by Lt Col MK Pal and assisted by 15 ANOs.
(j) 93 UP Bn NCC, Ballia The unit was raised in Ballia in Jul 1965 by Major PN Walie. The unit has cadet strength of 1500 cadets, from 14 colleges and five schools, located in the district. The unit is presently commanded by Lt Col KS Sangwan and has 15 ANOs on its strength.


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