Vision, Mission and Objectives of the Department : Due to the relentless efforts of Pt. Govind Malviya and founder Principal Sangeet Martand Pt. Onkar Nath Thakur the College of Music & fine Arts was established in the year 1950. the faculty since its inception has never looked back and is currently successfully training the students in the field of Indian Classical Performing Arts - Vocal Music, Instrumental Music and Dance
In 1966, the college got reshaped into a Faculty with three distinct departments - Vocal Music, Instrumental Music and Dance
The Department of Vocal Music has made continuous progress by strengthening the academic curriculum with a wide range of courses, which attracts a large number of students population to shape up their career, including students from Sri Lanka, Nepal, Mauritius and some European countries as USA. these courses range from Diploma to undergraduate, postgraduate and research activities in the field of Vocal Music. With a untiring efforts of highly qualified teachers, the department has become a premier educational institution in the field of music which takes in meritorious students through screening at admission level.
The Department provides training in almost every style of singing like Dhrupad, Dhamar, Khayal, Tarana, Thumri, Dadra, Sugam Sangeet, Folk through its planned and innovative courses, which enables the students to reveal themselves in a versatile manner. The BHU courses for music has been a role model of other Universities having music curriculum.
The Department focuses on innovative teaching method which is the benchmark of academic curriculum. Regular teaching and research programmes are boosted by conducting workshops, seminars, concerts regularly in every calendar year. Along with this the dept. wishes to explore newer avenues to enable the meritorious students. These include specialized training in rare tradition of music (to enrich and reserve our musical heritage) vocational guidance regarding disciplines such as applied music, multimedia, sound recording techniques and music management
The thrust of our Department and Faculty is value based training of traditional learning of music focusing on creative abilities and excellence in performance along with research in Musicology and innovative learning. Good performance also demands creative research and enquiry as a process of self development. Unlike Sciences and technology, there are very few bodies promoting research projects & publication in Performing Arts. But on the other hand during the last 5-10 years, several talented students, scholars of the Deptt. have been recipients of National Scholarships and Junior & Senior Research Fellowships by the Ministry of culture to promote both creative talent and minor projects.

Major achievements during last X Plan:

  • The department conducted a seminar on "Globalisation of Music".
  • Produced CD of the Kulgeet of Banaras Hindu University.
  • Conducted two major workshops on light music & group singing.
  • Inaugural publication of the magazine "Vageesha".
  • Lecture, demonstration of eminent vocalists.

Academic Excellence & Research Focus:-

The deptt. is highly active in the frontier areas of research widely covering the major aspects of music. The academic excellence of the department is reflected through a glance at the research programs which cover the musicology, performance and music oriented interdisciplinary areas like transcription analysis of music, applied music and music therapy. Emphasis is given to rare traditions of singing like Dhrupad, Thumri and Dadra. Apart from the regular teaching curriculum the department regularly arranges and invites renowned vocalists and scholars for lecture demonstration and workshop for the benefit of the students. The department is having distinguished teachers and performers of global reputation. Prof. Ritwik Sanyal is an outstanding Dhrupad singer and Musicologist, Dr. Sharda Velenkar is a well known performer of semiclassical music (Banaras Gharana), Dr. Saryu. R. Sonni an exponent of the Jaipur Gharana, Dr. Gyanesh C. Pandey and Shri Ambarish Chanchal are reputed vocalists.. Dr. Sangeeta Pandit is a reputed vocalist and has done remarkable work on "Music Therapy". Dr. K. Sashi Kumar is a leading Karnatak vocalist, composer and has cut many CDs of vocal music and has done a good work in applied music. The department is enriched with many excellent performers in their own right who are supporting the department as accompanists (Tabla, Sarangi, Harmonium, Pakhawaj).
The students are encouraged to participate in seminars, workshops which take place time to time in different universities to update themselves. They are encouraged to write articles, research papers to enrich themselves in the field of academics along with good performance abilities.

Academic Events

Conference/ Seminar/ Symposium/ Workshop

Training & Schools Programme

Cultural Events
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