Rajiva Raman 
F.A.Sc., F.N.A.Sc., F.N.A. 
Professor, Cytogenetics Lab, 
Dept. of Zoology, BHU 
E-mail: raman@bhu.ac.in rajiva.raman@yahoo.com
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  • Genetic basis of sex determination and developmental sex disorders
  • Genomics and genetic analysis of monogenic and complex disorders (thalassemias, infertility, orofacial) 
  • Epigenetic modifications during development 
  • Gene-environment interaction in normal and diseased phenotype
Parimal Das 
Centre for Genetic Disorders, BHU 
E-mail: hellowparimal@yahoo.com
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  • Mapping, identification and characterization of human disease genes 
  • Identification and characterization of critical gene/s and molecules for developing cancer therapeutics 
  • Identification and characterization of novel protein-protein interaction underlying human neurodegenerative disorders with special reference to Parkinsonism
Amit Kumar Rai 
Assistant Professor 
E-mail: akrai10@gmail.com
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  • Clinical cytogenetics 
  • Molecular mechanism of genetic disorders (Down syndrome, Turner's syndrome, Huntington's disease)
Akhtar Ali 
Assistant Professor 
E-mail: akhtar@bhu.ac.in akhtar_genetics@yahoo.co.in
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  • Molecular Genetic Diagnostics 
  • Identification of genetic and environmental risk factors for craniofacial disorders 
  • Genomic analysis of congenital limb malformations
Assistant Professor 
E-mail: pkdubey@bhu.ac.in , pawandubey1981@gmail.com
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The objective of my research is to develop stem cell based therapy for neuro and muscular degenerative diseases using mesenchymal stem cells. Efforts are also being made to develop a pre-implantation diagnostic method to diagnose genetic disorders in early stage embryo and their therapeutic intervention.

Associated Faculty from other Departments
Mercy Jacob Raman
Department of Zoology, BHU 
E-mail: mercyraman@yahoo.com; mjr@bhu.ac.in
Ashok Kumar, 
Department of Pediatrics, 
Institute of Medical Sciences, BHU 
E-mail: ashokkumar_bhu@hotmail.com
S. K. Singh, 
Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism, 
Institute of Medical Sciences, BHU 
E-mail: suryakr1@satyam.net.in
Gopal Nath, 
Department of Microbiology, 
Institute of Medical Sciences, BHU 
E-mail:  gopalnath@gmail.com, gopalnath@sify.com
Gopeshwar Narayan,
Associate Professor 
Department of Molecular and Human Genetics, BHU 
E-mail:  gnarayan@bhu.ac.in, gopeshwar@yahoo.com
Kiran Singh, 
Assistant Professor 
Department of Molecular and Human Genetics, BHU 
E-mail: skiran@bhu.ac.in; singhk@rediffmail.com
Geeta Rai, 
Assistant Professor 
Department of Molecular and Human Genetics, BHU 
E-mail:  grai@bhu.ac.in, geetarair@yahoo.com
Non-Teaching Staffs
Name PositionContact
Indra bahadur Tissue culture assistant07309710417
Jitendra kumar Junior lab technician09307638427
Kusum Lata Paramedical staff09305793043
Bajrang bahadur Lab attendant09336067885
Rahul Patel Lab attendant09648257950

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