Ph D (BHU)
Contact Information:
Email Id:rdsinghstat@gmail.com

Academic Qualifications:
S. No.DegreeInstitutionYear
1.B.Sc. (Hons.)Banaras Hindu University1972
2.M.Sc.Banaras Hindu University1974
3.Ph.D.Banaras Hindu University1988
Contact Information:
Deptt. Of Statistics, Faculty of Science, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi-221005.
Mob: 91-9935492323
Email Id:rdsinghstat@gmail.com
Brief writeup on area of specialization/awards/achievements:
Statistical Inference and Population Studies
  1. Merit Scholarship (1969-70).

  2. B.H.U. Research Scholarship 1975.

  3. U.G.C. JRF, 1976-77.

Full List of Publications:
  1. S. R. Srivastava and R.D. Singh: A Preliminary Test Estimator for the Variance of a Normal Population, Proceeding of National Academy of Science, India, 49(a)III, 1979.

  2. R.D. Singh: On the Power function of a Test Procedure for the Mean of a Normal population when a Guess Value of the Population Variance is given. Proceeding of National Academy of science, india,49(a) 1979.

  3. S. R. Srivastava and R.D. Singh: Use of Some A prior Knowledge in Estimating the Mean of a Normal Population from Double Samples with a Known Coefficient of variation, Journal of Scientific Research, Vol. XXX (2) pp. 159-66(1979-80).

  4. S. R. Srivastava and R.D. Singh: To Pool or not to pool in a Component of Variance Model, Proc. Math. Soc., BHU, Vol. 8 (1992).

  5. S. R. Srivastava and R.D. Singh: On the power function of a test Procedure for the Variance of a Normal Population when a Guess value of Population Mean is given. Proc. Math. Soc., BHU, (1994).

  6. Kumar, Alok, Shruti, Singh, B. P. and Singh, R. D., (2005): Some Probability Models to Estimate the Level of Fecundability of Migrants Couples. Varahmihir Journal of Mathematical Science, Vol. 5, No. 1, pp. 247-263 (2005).

  7. Ultimate Population Size under Changed Fertility Schedule: Some Mathematical Investigation. Chh. J. Sci. Tech. Vol. 2,pp.13-30(2005).

  8. Rahul Singh, S.K. Singh, Umesh Singh and R.D.Singh: “Bayes Estimator of Weibull Parameters Using Lindley’s Approximation Under General Entropy Loss Function” Journal of scientific research, Vol. 53, pp 127-145 (2009), Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi.

  9. S. K. Singh, R. Singh, Umesh Singh and R. D. Singh: “Bayes Estimator of Weibull Parameters under Linex Loss Function using Lindley’s Approximation” Progress of mathematics, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, vol.41(2007)

  10. P.K. Singh , S.K. Singh, Umesh Singh, S.K. Upadhyay and R.D.Singh Bayes Estimators of Weibull Parameters under General Entropy Loss Function. Journal of Scientific Research. Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, vol522, pp.49-262 (2008).

  11. S.P. Singh and R.D. Singh: A Note on Effect of Deviation in Balance Criteria on the Efficiency of Synthetic Estimate. Journal of Progress of Mathematics, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi.

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