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Events in September 2020


North Zone Conference of ACH 2020: An Update on Oral & Maxillofacial Lesions"

Dr. Rahul Agrawal, Organizing Secretary, Faculty of Dental Sciences, IMS, BHU


National Webinar on Balochita Samskara and their scientific relevance

Dr. Kalpana Patni, Dr Ravi Shankar Khatri, FA, IMS, BHU

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National Webinar on Rational Management of shiromarmabhighata in children

Dr. Kalpana Patni, Dr Ravi Shankar Khatri, FA, IMS, BHU

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12-09-2020 to 16-09-2020

National Workshop on "First-aid, CPR, & Pool Life Guard Certification 2020 (FCPLGC-2020)"    (Note: This event is postponed to 27th Apr 2021. See notice for details).....

Dr. Kavita Verma, Organizing Secretary, University Sports Board, BHU

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National workshop on 'Application of Marma ChikitsaK in Pediatrics'

Dr. Sahana Shankari, Dr. Vikas Kaushik, Dr. Komal Singh, Dr. Kavita Singh , Dept of Kaumarbhritya/Balroga, FA, IMS, BHU

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National Online Training Workshop On Indian Citation Index Database

Prof. Pravesh K. Srivastava, Director, UGC-HRDC, Dr. Sanjiv Saraf, Dy. Librarian, BHU (Event Coordinator), Organizing Unit: UGC-HRDC BHU & ICI

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National Webinar on "Science behind Suwarnprashan"

Dr. Vaibhav Jaiswal, Organizing Secretary, Deptt. of Kaumarbhritya/Balroga, Faculty of Ayurveda, IMS, BHU

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29-09-2020 to 30-09-2020

National Conference on "Emerging Technological Advancement in Physical Education and Allied Sports "ETAPEAS-2020"

Dr. Vikram Singh, Organizing Secretary and Dr. Deepak Kumar Dogra and Dr. Abhishek Verma, Joint Organizing Secretaries, Deptt. of Physical Education, Faculty of Arts, BHU