Babu Jagjivan Ram Chair for Social Research (BJRC)

It is a matter of great pride that one of our noblest sons of India was a student of Banaras Hindu University under the patronage and benign care of our illustrious Founder Mahamana Pandit Madan Malaviya. Therefore, the Faculty of Social Sciences, BHU, has established the Babu Jagjivan Ram Chair to perpetuate the memory of a great freedom fighter and visionary leader. Banaras Hindu University will be giving a befitting tribute to its own alumnus who was admitted to the University with the prestigious Birla Scholarship several decades ago. Babuji�s economic disabilities could not deter him and his determination to achieve educational accomplishments. On the other hand, his participation in the freedom struggle and his long association with Gandhiji provided him moral and spiritual strength to lead the country in various fields. After independence, he played a very vital role in tackling various problems. As a cabinet minister, he held various portfolios such as labour, defence, food and agriculture, communication and transport and railways and provided them a new direction. Thus he was a real path finder and peace setter in our nation building and national reconstruction. His reconciling nature was an ornament in his personality that always boosted social solidarity in the party as well as in the Government. He was a man with strong convictions and commitments and always upheld the cause of the backward classes, down trodden, the poor, the agrarian peasants, rural masses, women, children and the marginalized sections of the society. 

The Banaras Hindu University has also proposed to establish a Centre in his name as Babu Jagjivan Ram Centre for Rural and Tribal Development on the Rajeev Gandhi South Campus at Barkachha, Mirzapur, to enhance justice to his ideas and ideologies.  

            Jagjivan Ram was born in a village Chandiva in district Ara, Bihar. After passing his matriculation in first division, he joined the BHU. He was elected in Bihar assembly in 1937. He contributed to the establishment of all India depressed classes league in 1935. During Mahatma Gandhi's satyagrah movement in 1940 and Quit India movement in 1942, he was sent to jail several times. In 1946, he became the youngest minister in Pt. Nehru�s cabinet and was one of the prominent figure in the high profile Indian delegation that attended international convention on labour in 1946 in Geneva. This delegation was headed by Dr. A.N. Sinha of Bihar who was a Gandhian thinker and statesman. Dr. Sinha was, indeed, a chief political mentor of Babu Jagjivan Ram. Babu Jagjivan Ram was a statesman who never compromised with the principles. No doubt, he was always loyal to the late Prime Minister (Mrs.) Indira Gandhi as a man of her congress faction but during emergency (1976-77) when excesses went against the public interest, he resigned from the Congress and formed his own Congress For Democracy and joined as Deputy Prime Minister in Janta coalition Government led by late Prime Minister Morarji Desai (1977-79). Later on being disillusioned with the Janta Party, he resigned from the coalition and formed his own Congress (J) and remained the Member of Parliament till his death in 1986. His uninterrupted representation in parliament for over 40 years from 1946 to 1986, gave a credit of world record of parliamentation. 


1.      It is an inter-disciplinary centre with special focus on contributions of Babu Jagjivan Ram, an old student of BHU during Malaviyaji's times.

2.      His contributions to marginalized sections of the society: the scheduled castes and scheduled tribes and his efforts for their upliftment and rehabilitation.

3.      Empowerment of SCs and STs women through socio-economic schemes and their evaluation.

4.      His futuristic vision of democratic polity and society.

5.      A comprehensive study of the historical development of Dalit movement in India with special reference to pre-and-post independent India.

6.      Dalit women empowerment.

7.      His contributions in national movement and nation building and as Minister holding different portfolios.

 Name:             Presently Vacant

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