Student Amenities


There are 60 hostels (including 17 Girls Hostel) with an accommodation capacity of 9128 students (7003 boys and 2125 girls) in the campus. For details click here..

Central Library

The Central Library is one of the largest libraries of the country. It was established in the Telang Hall of the Central Hindu College in the Kamachha campus of the University in 1916, with a small but precious collection donated by Professor P.K.Talang. Nurtured in its infancy Bu the renowned historian Sir Jadunath Sarkar, it had eminent scholars of the library science like Dr.S.R.Ranganathan, the father of Library movement in India, as its Libraries.
The Central Library changed its location to present building, in 1941, situated in the main campus. The construction of the present majestic building was started in 1927 with a very generous donation from Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad of Baroda after whom it has been named. This elegant building was designed on the suggestion of Mahamana Malaviyaji. For details click here..


Established in 1926 with 96 beds, Sir Sunderlal Hospital of B.H.U. has grown into a 927 bed hospital (750 for Modern Medicine,127 for Ayurvedic, Private 42 beds and others) with all modern medical, surgical and investigative amenities. It is the only Tertiary Care Hospital in the North-Eastern U.P. which caters to more than 10 crore population. It is primarily a teaching and training hospital attached to the Institute of Medical Sciences, B.H.U. The Hospital consists of the following sections -OPD, Emergency, Inoatient, ICU/CCU,OT services, Referral Services, Blood Bank, highly equipped CSSD & Laundry, Center for Clinical Investigations, Radiology, Microbiology, Immunology and Mortuary. The Hospital has all the Clinical disciplines which include Radiotherapy & Radiation Medicine, Pediatrics, Pediatric -Surgery, Ophthalamology,E&T, General Surgery, Surgical Oncology, General Medicine, Endocrinology, Nephrology, Neurology, Cardiology, Gastroentrology, Dermatology and Dental Surgery.For details click here..

Employment Cell

The University as well as some faculties have placement cells. The main function is to publicize available positions, hold campus interviews and arrange for training/internship programme. The extent of gainful employment is variable across faculties. It is nearly 100% in the Institute of Technology, Institute of Medical Sciences, Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Faculties of Law, Management Studies and Commerce.

Faculty of Science Training & Placement Cell (since, 1996)

Details of the Training & Placement Cell.

The Training and Placement Cell in the Faculty of Science was initiated by Prof. D. K. Rai, in the year 1996-97, in the capacity of Dean of the Faculty. He made Prof. R. Balaji Rao as Incharge of the Training & Placement Cell and appointed a committee consisting of one member from each department. Prof. Balaji Rao continued up to 2001. In June 2001 Prof. T. R. Rao from Chemistry department was made Incharge. I (Prof. S. B. Rai) took the charge in July 2006. During the earlier regime there was no sitting space (room) by the name of Training & Placement Cell. By the help of Prof. B. D. Singh the Dean Faculty of Science and currently as Rector Banaras Hindu University could get small space in Deanís office of the Faculty for the office of Training & Placement Cell. We were also given Xerox, Typing, Telephone and internet facilities and a part time clerk to help us in day to day work. Earlier 50 to 100 M. Sc. students particularly of Chemistry, Computer Science, Statistics, Physics, Maths could get job through campus interview. However the situation has improved since last three four years and this number has gone up to 200. We have now large number of companies visiting us and recruiting not only the M. Sc. students but also large number of our B.Sc. students. We have almost 100% posting in Geology, Geophysics, Computer Science, M.C.A. and almost 50% Chemistry, Maths, Statistics students through campus. Large number of students of Biology, Physics, Maths, Statistics get job directly also.
PLACEMENTS IN THE YEAR 2008-09:- 120 B. Sc. & M. Sc. Students.

We have framed rules which are as follows:

1. Each Department of the Faculty will prepare a brief profile highlighting the achievements of the Department and syllabus. Altogether will form the profile (high lights) of the Faculty. It will be kept in the Training & Placement Cell, Faculty and will be used time to time as per need. Members will modify the profile of the Department and will add companies visited in the previous year and students of the Department selected. They are also free to add the names of the students who got job directly (not through campus interview). Members will collect the biodata of the students of his Department and submit to the Incharge in Faculty.
2. Each member will prepare a list of companies in which their student may get job. They will try to contact the old students in the companies. These students will serve as our messenger and will help to contact H.R. to visit our Faculty for recruitment.
3. Members will also discuss with other Faculty members of the Department and try to establish contact with senior people in different companies who can help in the recruitment of the students.
4. The Incharge in consultation with the members will invite the H.R. of different companies for campus interview. The members and Incharge will pursue them on telephonic call to visit us and a date will be fixed for campus interview.
5. As per requirement, the profile of the students may also be send to the companies before their visit or as soon as they visit.
6. A room/hall will be provided from the Department by the member/Incharge to conduct the written test and interview. As per need the H.R. will be provided overhead projector and other facilities required.
7. Tea-coffee/lunch will be provided to the H.R. by the Faculty.
8. A student selected for jobs in two companies will not be permitted to appear for interview in the third company.