Sanskrit-Vidya-Dharma-Vijnan-Sankaya was established in 1918 by the great founder Pt. Madan Mohan Malviyaji in order to materialize the chief goal of this University i.e. to preserve and promote the studies of Ancient Indian Shastras, Sanskrit language and literature with the intention to bring about a fruitful dialogue between the East and the West. One of the cardinal objectives of this faculty is to remove the pervading misconceptions about religion, spirituality, Astrology and Tantras in society and reinstate the paramount values of ethics and religion for the upliftment of society and nation in general and individuals in particular. This Faculty is unique in its nature. We teach shastric texts strictly in keeping with our traditional methods of hermeneutics as well as oral-cum-written tradition. We interpret and emphasise each and every word of the texts, so that their essential implication may be understood. This Faculty has got a unique opportunity of interaction with the modern thought, science and technology, which is readily available in our campus. This opportunity is not available to any institution in India or abroad in such an unparalleled ambience.

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